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Compliance with European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

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Re: GDPR data processing agreement

Hi @MinalP90,


Thanks so much for inquiring about our compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). While we have already implemented many privacy requirements that are similar to those required by the GDPR, we are committed to achieving compliance with the GDPR by May 25, 2018. Here's a helpful reference with more details: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Please feel free to send an email to privacy(at)constantcontact(dot)com if you have any additional questions as we know how important this is for many of our customers.


Nichelle M
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Re: GDPR data processing agreement

I too am interested to know the outcome of this. I'd also like to know if any of the CC tools will be updated to reflect the changes coming in May. For example, will we be able to send new contacts a welcome email to ask them to verify they want to be contacted? Then if they click "sign up/ yes", they could then be marked as "Express Permission?" Because at the moment, I'd have to manually export the results daily/weekly to check if each contact had agreed, take a manual note of them, then switch them over into the "official" mailing list.... something that is just not possible for us time-wise. 


Also, will the "update your profile" tool be updated so that it sends a notification to you so that your know a contact has submitted a rectification request? At the moment, if a contact updates their profile, you have no way of knowing unless you export all of your contacts and look at the "Updated Date" column... and check every column against your data else where to see what content they have actually updated. From my discussions so far with CC, I don't think this will happen, and this would affect a contacts to rectification.


I really am feeling a bit lost as to how I can work CC in a way that allows us to be compliant with the changes. 


The above mentioned (but removed!) competitor seems to be a lot more open about the changes coming and what they are doing to ensure compliance. 

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Template email for GDPR opt-in

Please can you produce an opt-in email template for the new GDPR EU laws coming in to effect on 25 May. The email should simply ask the question 'Do you wish to continue receiving our special offers' - obviously this bit should be editable. Then 2 buttons - Yes or No. If they say no, then this should automatically add them to the unsubscribe list, ensuring that we are complaint. I do believe that many of your customers will need and use this. Interested to see if i am right from other members.


Re: Template email for GDPR opt-in

Hi @VickyL10


Thank you for reaching out to the Community about your emails. We are currently working towards being GDPR compliant. In fact, more information will be provided as it progresses. Here's a helpful reference we have with more details. In the meantime, the good news is we do offer email templates that allow your contacts to opt-out. In the footer of every email you send is an “Unsubscribe link.”


third-gen-editor-updated-footer-unsubscribe-link (1).png


Clicking this link will automatically add them to the unsubscribe list in your account. I also would suggest taking a look at the CASL template in your account.




This template is geared to helping our customers comply with the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation. However it includes a button that contacts can click on to confirm they want to continue receiving your emails. I hope this helps!

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Re: Template email for GDPR opt-in

I too have been trying to work out a way to do this and the function doesn't exist.  The button to unsubscribe at the bottom of the email is not enough. To comply with GDPR, every new contact added after 25 May will have to receive an opt-in email invitation. With a very clear call to action of; "Yes subscribe me" or "No remove me". Those who click "Yes", would need a note added to their contact record to say when they clicked "YES", and those who clicked "NO", would need to be added to the unsubscribe list. (The administrator would then have to manually export this list, (as often as they can), and update their other databases. 


If the contact has not responded to this email invitation, really it would be good if the email would generate itself, say weekly, or it could be up to you when, so that they keep receiving the email until they select "YES" or "NO". 


I'd like to think that all new contacts can be added to mailing lists, but until they click "YES", they automatically do not receive mail shots. However when they do click "YES", they automatically start to receive any mailshots sent to the list which they have been added to. 


Interested to hear others thoughts on this. 

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Re: Template email for GDPR opt-in

Yes! That is exactly what is needed! 

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Re: Template email for GDPR opt-in

There is now a GDPR template in the same place as the CASL template. 


I think this helps but I don't think this solves the problem.  


1. You would have to keep re-creating the email and sending to a "Not Confirmed" list of contacts. (The reason I see for this is because eventually the email will disappear from the quick send list). Also if you have different languages (which we do), you will need different versions of this email. 

2. You would have to then export all of the results (daily/weekly??), and split the list by Express/Implied Permission Status; then re-import the new "Express Permission" contacts into your main mailing list/lists. Leaving the "Not Confirmed" in what I am calling this "holding list". (There is no way to "View" the Express/Implied status column in "Contact Management" - if there was, then you could sort the list by status and switch "Express Permission" contacts over (manually) - I think this would be a lot quicker than the import/export way.)



For me, I'd have to have certainly three versions of the email (English, Italian, French), and therefore three "holding lists". But I see it being a problem when trying to split out this list into;


1. Express/Implied Permission (for re-import into their main mailing list)

2. Trying to ensure they are added to the correct list (ie, Italy, France, USA)


So in reality, to avoid confusion, I would have to have 8 "holding lists" to match my 8 main mailing lists/territories. Plus 8 "Welcome/GDPR" emails. 


Ideal Scenario 1

What I believe to be one ideal scenario is that "Groups" are added to contact lists, so you can send emails based on Groups. ie, I could email my "Italy" list, but only those who have clicked "yes" (Express Permission). BUT, (for us, and this will apply to some others), we want to still be able to email those added before 25th May. SO by using groups, we would have THREE groups per mailing list.


1, Express Permission (or YES)

2. Implied Permissoin (or NO)

3. Permission before 25th May.


I could then select options when sending the email that I only want to send the email to those who match the criteria set out in no 1. and 3. 


This is an option available on a competitor site. 


Ideal Scenario 2 (probably the most straight forward for everyone)

You decide when you want this feature to be switched on (so for us it would be 25th May). When the feature is switched ON, all new contacts are added to their lists as normal. However, there is a barrier on them. This barrier is the CONSENT barrier. And they will not receive ANY mail shots to that list (which they are on), until they click "YES" to consent. If they click "NO" they are automatically moved to the unsubscribe list. 


Until the point of which they click YES or NO; you can set up....


1. The welcome email they should receive (So you could have a version to suit each list, or perhaps 3 versions to suit 8 lists. I for example could have an; ENglish, FRench and ITalian version of the email. So the English version would send to my; USA, UK, Ireland, International lists. Then French and Italian is self explanatory. 

2. The frequency they should receive this email. For example, I'd maybe set it to be send the day after they are added to the contact list, at 9am, then weekly thereafter.... until they click YES or NO. 


I think though, we would have to re-import all our existing contacts before 25th May, including the CONSENT field, and set those as "YES" and add a note "Before 25 May 2018" - as we do not want to get extra permission from these contacts. 


These are just my thoughts, really interested to hear others and what new tools CC are implementing this month, well in advance of 25 May?? 

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Comply with GDPR

You should take steps to comply with GDPR.
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Survey buttons on GDPR link not working

on the GDPR survey the Yes No select buttons are not showing on a preview test email so no links to state yes or no.... also where do results show??  looking for consent forms to go and get results ?

CTCT Employee

Re: Survey buttons on GDPR link not working

Hi @colletteo1,


Sorry you are having issues with your email.  What email client program are you looking at the preview test send in?  Are you looking at it on a desktop, or mobile?  When I send a test of your email to myself I see the buttons and I am able to click each one.


Once you have sent the email, the results will show in the email reporting for that particular campaign.


We do have a new template for GDPR consent documentation that you can also send, as well as additional information regarding GDPR that you might want to take a look at.


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