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Constant Contact Horrible Business Practices

Occasional Visitor

Constant Contact Horrible Business Practices

First, CC flags my account for review, crippling my ability to send email. Fine. I contact your "review specialist" who proceeds to tell me that I need to delete all contacts older than a year and a half before my account can be released due to higher than average bounce rate. Now let me explain, as I did to him, that the contacts in my list have been collected over the course of nearly 7 years and number in the tens of thousands. This is my CUSTOMER list, the lifeblood of my business. I explained to him that I purchased the business from another party, and he positions it like I just bought the list, which could not be further from the truth. This is not a snake oil company, this is an established retail presence that is well-known in it's niche. The customer database represents a 7-figure investment (yes...7 figures) in AdWords and years of work. None of the contacts were aggragated from list sellers or ANY other source other than our own website's opt-in forms. Your "specialist" proceeds to casually tell me that I need to delete tens of thousands of contacts before I would regain the privilege of paying CC hundreds of dollars a month to send email again. I told him this was impossible and would literally destroy my business. The summary of his response was "oh well."


I immediately ran my list through a verification service, removed a small percentage of outdated addresses, and signed up with a competing service which has been GREAT. 


Meanwhile, CC continues to charge me the full service fee despite having SUSPENDED my ability to use it. Furthermore, CC feels it is prudent to disallow any mechanism with which a customer can cancel the service via the website. Instead, you expect me to call in and explain to you why I want to cancel. I don't need to have a conversation with you. You have no disregard for my business or livlihood and treat me like you're doing me a tremendous favor. I have zero desire to talk to you. 


So to summarize:


1. You suspended my service.

2. You provide no mechanism to cancel, unlike every other online service, without calling your "account specialist."

3. You provide no mechanism to delete saved credit card info (only replace).

4. You continue to charge me for a service I cannot use nor cancel easily. 


You guys have become incredibly complacent because you are so large and established. But even Goliath falls. There are plenty of other services out there that are not only more reasonably priced, but don't treat their customers like naughty stepchildren. I hope for your sake you remember who pays your bills and start serving your customers instead of treating them like second-class citizens. 



CTCT Employee

Re: Constant Contact Horrible Business Practices

Hello @greenscreen,

I am sorry to hear of your experience with our account review process and want to let you know that we will pass your feedback along about your interaction and the policies that we have.  

I also wanted to let you know that in order to cancel your account, we do ask that you call into our billing team. While we do request a call to cancel, these calls take a few minutes or less. 


Please don't hesitate to reach out with feedback/questions.

Jordan E
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