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Constant Contact is Excellent - Highly Recommended

All Star

Constant Contact is Excellent - Highly Recommended

I have been using Constant Contact since August 2014 to email two small newsletters and manage RSVPs for two events each month for a nonprofit organization in Florida. I email about three newsletters per month.


As a novice, I like the ease of making and modifying our newsletters and RSVP pages each month. With the other service I used in the past we had problems with signups and RSVPs, but with Constant Contact even our new subscribers with little computer skills find Constant Contact’s process easy to follow. We also get more compliments from our subscribers on our newsletters now.


With a full-time job, I appreciate how solid, easy, and powerful Constant Contact’s all-in-one platform is. The newsletters, Event Signups/RSVPs, Newsletter Signups, Public Event Calendar, posting to social media, and statistics are integrated into a well-designed and easy to use system. Constant Contact saves me time each month. That is one of the most important benefits to me.


Constant Contact’s support is excellent. I am always learning some tip from Constant Contact about making our campaigns better. They really know email marketing. I wish I had more time to use all of its power more effectively, but that power and ease of use make it perfect for our operations.


Constant Contact makes this novice feel like a social media manager with a huge staff behind me.


Recently Constant Contact designed a professionally-written, mobile-friendly, 100% editable template for us. It is beautiful. I was so impressed. It was ready to use right there on our page. I can’t wait to start using it. Thanks Constant Contact.



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CTCT Employee

Re: Constant Contact is Excellent - Highly Recommended

Hello @JohnB866


Thank you for your kind words and taking the time to pass them along, we appreciate it!  I am glad that you were able to take advantage of the mobile friendly template too.  Make sure to let us know how that goes when you have sent it out a couple of times.  


Let us know if there is anything you would like to see in the Community (How-To articles on a certain topic, a different view/page layout, etc.), or any feedback that you have on the products within your account like new features you would like to see or enhancements or praise for existing features.  

All Star

Re: Constant Contact is Excellent - Highly Recommended

Yes, the mobile template is wonderful.  I have just started to create our next newsletter with it.  It looks great which is the main reason I wanted to have Constant Contact design one. But I receive about 1 comment every month from someone who has a problem with our emails on their mobile device. I don't think the template I created is the problem in all cases, but the new Constant Contact template should be the best thing I can do to help ensure our emails can be read on all devices.


The folks who designed our new mobile friendly template deserve a huge thank you.