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Currency Symbols and Payment options

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Currency Symbols and Payment options

I've added contacts to the Cut and Paste category this morning and the CONTINUE button was grayed out, preventing me from adding what I had input. The only option I have right now on the screen is to cancel. This prevents me from sending what I just did, to the contact folder. Now I have to type it again. Is this a time out feature that I'm not aware of?
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Re: Currency Symbols and Payment options

Hi @LaneveT5 did you after pasting in the contacts in the correct area hit the return or enter button on your keyboard? That should appropriately give our system the opportunity to correctly get the information pasted in. Sometimes this step is not so obvious but it will help to get you to the next step. Sorry for any issues you experienced with the copy and paste method, but hopefully that is a simple fix. If this is not the fix let us know or call one of our great support agents to get further help. Thank you.