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Custom Field Reporting

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Custom Field Reporting

Please allow us to use 'custom fields' in our reporting criteria.  Currently, as I have tried to use 'custom fields', I've picked the fields that I want to report on, but because I can't see how the 'custom fields' relate to the 'primary key' in the DB, the 'custom reporting just did NOT work very well for me.


I wound up creating a full report and then deleted the columns I did not want...!!   Very time consuming...!!  Could this custom field reporting be made more user friendly...??

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Re: Custom Field Reporting

Hi @FashionMattersChicago


Right now the custom fields are just available to insert into your campaigns. Reporting on Custom Fields sounds great and I'd love to hear how that would work and what you're looking for. Do you mind sharing that within our Reports Ideas & Feedback Board?


Thanks in advance!

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