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Database relationships

Database relationships

Im new to CC and have looked at the videos and still have a few questions.  If these are answered in a particular resource Id be happy to take your direction.


- It appears Contacts are assigned to Lists.  If a contact is to be managed in more than one list how is it propagated?  

- How do Segments relate to Lists?  

- How do I add custom columns into the Contact list?  
- Can I get a report of Contacts that may be duplicates?  Or are found in multiple Email Lists?  


Again I have not seen any videos that address these kinds of questions so perhaps someone can point me in the right direction.  Thanks


Re: Database relationships

Hi @JenniferE3043


We'd be happy to answer these questions about your contacts! A contact can be placed in more than one list because Constant Contact is designed to recognize contacts by their email addresses and remove duplicates. So if you schedule a campaign to all your lists at once, contacts will only receive it once. You can always see these contacts are on multiple email lists by exporting your contacts and including Lists in the fields you want to include in your export. Once you download this file you can see all the lists a contact is on.


On the other hand, segments relate to lists because you can then take these segments and add them into a list. Our segment tool allows you to customized groups of your contacts  based on specific criteria. This criteria can be email activity, list membership, or even custom contact details you may have created. I hope this helps!

Frankie P.
Community & Social Media Support

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