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Difficulty getting started

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Difficulty getting started

To **Removed by Moderator for privacy**  I subscribed to Constant Contact (Paid Version) over 6 months ago and have not used it at ALL. The telemarketing sales rep said he would have it all set up for a template that would be extremely simple to use and start. I got his link and went into it but it was not that simple and I did not have the time to figure it out. My business is pretty much a 2 man show with not much time for anything other than the day to day required operations. That is why I thought CC might be a good tool for our business. My email today is for two requests - 1. I need to have someone walk me through how to set up the system, how to change things, how to build lists (or import). How to manipulate different groups and how to do this with minimal effort. If there is a seminar that is local to NJ and focuses on these areas (BASICS) , I can try to attend. I am already booked on the 2nd) Or if someone can work with me on the phone or interactive online, Teamviewer, etc., that would work also. 2. Assuming we can accomplish the above items, can we get credit for the months we have not used your service, and continue from that point forward. The credit could be for months going forward rather than a refund of any type. We understand not using the service was our issue not yours, but it was definitely not a simple as initially presented and we are a tech company! Please reach out to me via email or telephone - **Removed by Moderator for privacy**

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Re: Difficulty getting started



We apologize you have had a difficult time getting started with Constant Contact. There is definitely a learning a curve! One of our support reps would be more than happy to walk you through the different areas of the product! At your convenience, please reach out to 866-289-2101 and any one of our support agents will gladly show you around. 


As far as your billing inquiry, this can also be handled on that call. Although the Support Agent won't be able to directly answer your billing related questions, as soon as you are done with your walk through, they will have you speak with a billing agent in that regard as well!


I have also left a link to our Webinars and Tutorials page per your inquiry so feel free to take a look here before or during your  chat with our support team!



Ian W


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