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Discount Codes


Discount Codes

I read the help screen on discount codes and I don't think it is clear as to how these work. The discount amount or %age is the amount that will be subtracted from the total bill. Perhaps an example would be good to include on this help screen.
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CTCT Employee

Re: Discount Codes

Hello @JerryJ87


Thanks for posting about this.  We can definitely recommend that more information be placed on the help screen.  In the meantime, here is some information on Discount Codes if you still need some clarification on how they work take a look below for how to set up a discount code and some examples: 


12-9-2015 11-01-20 AM.png


This is the screen on how to set them up: 


  1. Code Name:  This is the code that your contacts will enter to apply the discount. You want to make it something easy to use and, if possible, recognizable to your contacts. 
  2. Applies to:  Here you can select to apply the code to the entire order or to one or more fees.  This allows you to give a total amount or percentage off what you choose.  
  3. Discount Amount:  Here you choose if you want to set a dollar amount or a percentage.  
  4. Limit Uses to:  This allows you to set the number of times that the code can be 
  5. Status:  Using this allows you to temporarily pause or suspend the use of the discount code.  


Here is an example of how discount codes can be used in an event:  I currently have 2 fees for my event, Fee 1 is $15.00, while Fee 2 is $25.00.  I want to give certain customers (my most frequent ones) a special discount if they choose Fee 2, so I would set up a discount code just for this fee.  Here is what it could look like: 




I also want to use a discount code for some of my customers who I haven't seen in a while, to try to entice them to come to my event if I give them a discount.  I want this to apply to either fee, so this is what that could look like: 




I hope this helps, let us know if you have any further questions. 

Occasional Contributor

Re: Discount Codes

Can you explain the "limit uses" field. I set it to 1 and found I could keep using it over and over again. So it didn't limit it to 1 use. I then thought maybe it meant you can limit to 1 use per order. So I tried ordering 2 things and found I could use it twice in the same order to get the discount twice.

So I'm not sure how it works. Could you explain it.


CTCT Employee

Re: Discount Codes

Hi @NeilM595

Thank you for reaching out to the Constant Contact Community. It's my pleasure to assist you today.


That is certainly strange indeed. When using the Discount Code, the Limit Uses option should absolutely restrict the amount of times that code can be used. Here is complete information on Discount Codes. 


Since it does appear we are encountering an issue, can you send us an email to social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with a reference to this post, your username, the name of the event you are working on, and the discount code you created that allows more uses than you have limited it too? We will certainly dive into this and figure out what is happening. We know it's important that your events and payment options work effectively. 

Adrienne B.
Community & Social Media Support

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