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Double content block

Occasional Organizer

Double content block

Hello Contant Contact,

We'd love to have a double content block with the possibilities to add section title's into in stead of above these blocks. Our double content needs two content titles (plus it would be nice if these titles would also automaticly show up in the table of contents).


Thank you in advance.


Best regards,

Gea Mulder



Honored Contributor

Re: Double content block

UPDATED June 2019:


Anchor links are not available in our Third Generation Newsletter Emails. There is very limited support for anchors in email. Instead we suggest using the Read More action block instead.




Hi Gea,


It sounds like what you'd like is to link to different parts within your blocks and then have them show up in your Table of Contents.


You can definitely do this but with our Anchor Feature.







You would want to manually create a new block and just call it "Table of Contents" and put all the Anchor Links in that block instead of using the standard Table of Contents.


Hope that helps!