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Emails not making it to Comcast addresses?


Emails not making it to Comcast addresses?



Problem is basically the same as a recent AOL-related one:


I just verified the problem with my two Comcast accounts. My test emails aren't showing up.


Another reason to be suspicious is that I've gotten no opens yet from Comcast addresses on a campaign that went out yesterday evening. True, those addresses comprise only five percent of the total, but combined with the fact that I never got those  test emails at my Comcast accounts, it just smells kinda fishy.


I read something on the board from 5-6 years ago saying Comcast was worse than AOL when it comes to aggressive blocking, but I have no idea whether that is still (or ever was) the case.


Thank you for any advice/assistance you can provide.


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Re: Emails not making it to Comcast addresses?

Hi @GrantM72977


Thanks for posting! We definitely want to help resolve whatever issue could be going here. I reviewed our system to see if there was a known issue like there was with AOL addresses the other day, but I did not find anything. One of the main indicators that there had been an issue with AOL was that the contacts were all ending up in the Bounced category, but that doesn't seem to be the case with any of your Comcast contacts. 


Since you mentioned that you specifically do not receive your emails I would recommend reaching out to Comcast and asking that they whitelist our IP addresses. You can also reach out to your customers' ISP and ask them to whitelist our IP addresses as well. Please let us know if that helps!



Natalie B.
Social Media Marketing Manager

Re: Emails not making it to Comcast addresses?

Thanks so much for your help! The problem was that we had all our event supporters' logos href'd out to their web sites, and so I guess Comcast read the message as a link farm and marked it as spam. Had it fixed in just a few minutes by keeping the images and removing the hrefs. Thank you again!