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Will we have the capability to add Emojis to our Subject Lines any time soon?

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Re: Emojis

Hi @BrianS002


That's a great idea, as of right now there aren't any plans to add emoji's in the future soon. Adding emoji's is not the best practice  because adding them has a higher likelihood of your email going into spam. If you would like the ability to have this feature in the future, click here to submit feedback. 

Shweta Iyer
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Re: Emojis

Please add the emoji option in the subject line.  The competition has this and it would be a nice feature.

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Re: Emojis

Hello @JenC


I took a look at our feedback area to see if there was a topic for you to vote and comment on; however I was unable to find one.  Would you be willing to start a new idea on this? You can post the idea here, if you would like.  The benefit of using the Feedback area of the Community is that other users can vote and comment on the different ideas and suggestions that our customers are creating.  The more votes and comments that an idea gets, the better visibility it has with our product teams and, in turn, a greater chance of being implemented in the product.  



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Re: Emojis

This should be a basic feature.  You are holding the reins too tight on what I want versus what I should have.   

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Re: Emojis

This answer is just flat out wrong... The industry has widly adopted them now... Time to step into the future!

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Re: Emojis

I am interested in adding emoji's, too. There are many recent marketing articles to support this, here is one example:



Re: Emojis

My competitor is using a different email program which has emojis. They stand out well. I hope that constant contact catches up.

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Re: Emojis

Constant Contact does now have the option to add emojis in the subject line of your email.   Adding emoji strategically to a subject line can draw the eye, imply a sense of friendliness, and increase your open rate.  We have a great article about best practices for using an emojis that I recommend you look at before using them in your subject line.  You can read that here. is a great resource that gives you a description of what the emoji means, shows you the different display variations across different platforms, and lets you easily copy them for pasting into your subject line.  Emoji can be added to both the subject line and the preheader of your email.

Open the email you want to add the emoji to:

1.  Copy the emoji you want to use from

2.  Click the header in your email draft to edit it.

3.  Paste the copied emoji into your subject line.

When you're finished editing your email, click Continue to schedule it to send to your contacts.


Important: Emoji won't display in a test email. If you want to see what they look like in a sent email, make a copy of your email and send it to yourself before sending your final version to your contacts.


Any links we provide from non-Constant Contact sites or information about non-Constant Contact products or services are provided as a courtesy and should not be construed as an endorsement by Constant Contact.


Re: Emojis

I receive this message when adding an emoji:


Subject: Constant Contact does not support certain illegal characters. To continue, please change the following characters: 💧