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Formatting issue - email does not look like preview.


Re: Need an MS Outlook Friendly template

Hi Rusty,

Unfortunately since all email clients read emails differently there isn't a template designed for each client. Outlook is one of the more challenging environments but we're happy to take a look and help with what you are seeing. We can almost always point out some quick and easy tips to make the display work in the future.  What is the name of the email you are currently working on so we can take a look?


If you would like more information, here is an FAQ with a list of known Outlook display issues.



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Re: Need an MS Outlook Friendly template

The title of my email is "Test"


Re: Need an MS Outlook Friendly template

Hi @accc 


Thank you for reaching out to the Community! Are you in need of assistance with the email campaign you have mentioned? This thread is focused on the formatting of an email preview in Outlook. Please let us know if you there is anything we can help with on your email, we're always happy to help.

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Beta Testing Template

I created an email campaign with a beta template and when I send a test email, the text is not aligned properly when I open the email. When I have Constant Contact open, everything appears the way I'd like. I have tried editing it several times but it didn't work. When I opened my email using a different browser, the placement of the blocks is also different than the layout I designed. I will need to re-do the campaign again.
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Re: Beta Testing Template

You're encountering rendering issues.

There are three types of email platforms:

  1. Desktop platforms (like Outlook)
  2. Browser platforms (like Gmail)
  3. Mobile platforms (like an email app on an iPhone)

Within each type of email platform, there are over 70 email clients.  Sometimes they don't all display the same the first time around and yeah it sucks.

YMMV The thing I dislike about the Beta templates and that UI (BTW how long can a Beta be called a Beta ?) is that you can not go into the HTML to tweak it like you have to do from time to time.  I've had to scrub projects that I spend hours on because of that reason.  (I've stopped using the "BETA" templates for the time being)


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VERY strange display issue between Outlook versions

Hi all. I've been beating my head against a wall here trying to make an existing printed flyer into a CC email for a client. Not the order of things *I* would have chosen, but that's moot at the point. I've done my best workaround and created images for the complicated top and bottom and added copy to the middle section. 


Had a heck of a time getting the sections to line up and be the same width (wound up having to get a little jiggy in the HTML), and finally thought I had it but when we ran a test it was fine on all browsers, and in-office Outlook machines except one using Outlook 2013. It decided to make that middle and bottom box considerably wider than the top. 


I tried to set the width to be static at 640 in all the boxes, but it keeps changing to 100% (in all areas, for the record, not just the uncooperative one). 


Anybody have thoughts on this??? Thanks for the help.

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Re: VERY strange display issue between Outlook versions

Hi @AndyK59 


I'm sorry to hear that you were having display issues when viewing your email in Outlook 2013 but I see that you were able to get in touch with one of our Support Reps who was able to help you. They had you use a new block and that helped with the display.


If you have any other questions please let us know!

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Issues with new responsive template

When I view in Outlook, the images overlap with the text.
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Re: Issues with new responsive template

Are you using your own code?  I didn't know CC had "responsive" code available.


What template are you using?


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Re: Issues with new responsive template

This is the new mobile template beta (which, as far as I can tell, doesn't allow users to enter their own code). It was one of the business templates. So, not something that we wouldn't expect some bugs with, since it's in beta--but we are not able to use the mobile templates for our newsletter that uses images until this is resolved. I am not sure whether "responsive" is the right word. We are really looking forward to having newsletters that look great on a variety of platforms!