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Formatting issue - email does not look like preview.

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Re: White Spaces Appear on Email

You more than likely will have to go into the HTML and remove the extra code. BR or DIVs usually.

If you don't know how to do it call the CTCT support line and have them help, BUT show you what went wrong because if your using OutLook you will more that likely see that issue again.


Tony Schaefer
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Occasional Advisor Line Height Issue

Hi there,


I'm trying to address an issue where the line height in our email is much higher in than in other email providers. This is breaking the email. You can see an example attached, where the line height pushes the email down further than the height of the border image. 


I've tried this fix but haven't had any luck. I can't find any info on this issue on the web. 


Do you know how to fix this issue? 

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Re: Line Height Issue

Hello Craig, 


I took a look at your account and the Summer newsletter that I believe your screenshot came from.  When I tested to (Hotmail) the email came through like it should.  I did see that you reached out to our support team about the issue and it appears they were able to resolve the issue with you.  From looking at the code of the email it appears that there is a line-height with a pt value in the code, which could be helping it display properly.  


If you are still running into this issue, please let us know the email name in your account so that we can do some further testing and troubleshooting.  




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Outlook emails not displaying properly

Hello there,


I am having problems with our newsletters not displaying correctly in Outlook although they are perfectly fine on Gmail. Email marketing is a significant revenue generator for us and I desperately need help with getting this fixed as soon as possible. 


You're welcome to have a look at my campaign, it's called "EMU Boots Online June 2014".


Please help!!



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Re: Outlook emails not displaying properly

Hi Joshua!


I can definitely help out with that. I took a look at your email and noticed a few flaws with it that are likely causing the problem. Outlook is very picky with how it renders HTML code. What I suggest doing for your next email is using tables. When you have a block with three columns in it like you have in your email, by having them in a table it will hold them in place so they don't move around on live send to Outlook. Check this great FAQ on how to insert a table. 


As for the bottom portion of the footer, did you code that yourself using HTML code? It looks like it is chopped up into multiple sections which I believe is throwing the display off as well. You might have to tweak the code in there as well or use the table feature there to insert the blocks. If after reading over the FAQ you are still struggling please let me know and I'll set it up correctly for you. 

Melissa M
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Re: Outlook emails not displaying properly

I am having a similar issue. My emails are showing up completely different in outlook than they are in the constant contact preview. The dividers for example are showing up as brown blocks. Is there anything I can do to make it show up correctly in the emails?

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Re: Outlook emails not displaying properly

Hi @EdithC


I'm sorry to hear this. I took a look at your account and at the email you created today. Outlook matches the preview that I see for that email. Was there a different email I should be looking at? Please let me know the name of the email within your account and I'm happy to help!

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Color bucket not working properly

I created 3 bars of color using 3 different divider blocks. I selected the Bucket icon and the color. It looked fine in preview mode and in my Hotmail test, but NOT in my Out look test. The bars didn't show up at ALL in Ourlook. The support person online was able to remedy the situation by using the 'text' color instead of the bucket color. It worked, but is clearly NOT how it should be functionint. That is very counter-intuitive to chose colored 'text; when there is NO text in the entire block.
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Re: Color bucket not working properly



We apologize for the inconvenience. Outlook reads HTML coding a bit differently than most other email clients. for each color (background and text) there is a 6 digit value that the email client looks for. Because Outlook reads into the language a little more, they weren't sure which color to use since there was no text in the block. By changing the text color to the same color as the background, there was no discrepancy between the color values Outlook was looking for, allowing it to be confident that the purple is the color to be used. 


Hope this helps!

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Need an MS Outlook Friendly template

When we setup emails and test them in house they look FINE in Windows Live Mail & Entourage, but in Outlook the text randomly gets wrapped & carriage returned, sometimes aligned left or right when it is setup the opposite. Can you please direct us to an Outlook friendly template that will not skewer the emails we create?
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