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Formatting issue - email does not look like preview.

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Re: Outlook email header not displaying properly

Interesting. I've never seen that symbol used in an email address, ever, and I started with email in 1985 ( yes they had email back then)


I'm surprised it even works.  I  see that you say you have been using it and that's interesting in it self. Why would you put that in an email address?  If someone responds back to that does it actually route to a valid recipient with the same name?


The R symbol is outside the standard ASCII Code set and in my humble opinion would be a unreliable choice for an email address. I'm surprised it even works, but I said that already.


I'd see this as a sign from the mail Gods and take the opportunity to make it more standard.



From an online source citing email address rules:


The local-part of the email address may use any of these ASCII characters.[5] RFC 6531 permits Unicode characters beyond the ASCII range:

  • Uppercase and lowercase Latin letters (A–Z, a–z) (ASCII: 65–90, 97–122)
  • Digits 0 to 9 (ASCII: 48–57)
  • These special characters: # - _ ~ ! $ & ' ( ) * + , ; = : and percentile encoding i.e. %20
  • Character . (dot, period, full stop), ASCII 46, provided that it is not the first or last character, and provided also that it does not appear consecutively (e.g. is not allowed).
  • Special characters are allowed with restrictions. They are:
    • Space and "(),:;<>@[\] (ASCII: 32, 34, 40, 41, 44, 58, 59, 60, 62, 64, 91–93)
  • Comments are allowed with parentheses at either end of the local part; e.g. john.smith(comment) and(comment) are both equivalent to
  • International characters above U+007F, encoded as UTF-8, are permitted by RFC 6531, though mail systems may restrict which characters to use when assigning local parts.

A quoted string may exist as a dot separated entity within the local-part, or it may exist when the outermost quotes are the outermost characters of the local-part (e.g., abc."defghi" or "abcdefghixyz" are allowed. Conversely, abc"defghi" is not; neither isabc\"def\" Quoted strings and characters however, are not commonly used. RFC 5321 also warns that "a host that expects to receive mail SHOULD avoid defining mailboxes where the Local-part requires (or uses) the Quoted-string form".

The local-part postmaster is treated specially–it is case-insensitive, and should be forwarded to the domain email administrator. Technically all other local-parts are case-sensitive, therefore and specify different mailboxes; however, many organizations treat uppercase and lowercase letters as equivalent.

Most organizations do not allow use of many of the technically valid special characters. Organizations may restrict the form of an email addresses as desired, e.g., Windows Live Hotmail only allows creation of email addresses using alphanumerics, dot (.), underscore (_) and hyphen (-).[6]






p.s.  I see now that its not in the actual email address itself.  I'm sure that changes everything.   It looks like CC might not be coding it right on the outbound side as I originally guessed. 





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Re: Outlook email header not displaying properly

Thank you for your comments. I was just getting ready to answer that the copyright symbol was not in the email address when I read your PS. The thing that is baffling to me is that we have used the same header for several years and never had a problem. I did not have this issue last Tuesday, so I think something may have changed behind the scenes at Constant Contact within the last week.


Re: Outlook email header not displaying properly

Hi @LouM

This should happen with any campaigns sent to Outlook. (Campaigns that contain a symbol in the from name)


@Clique_Marketing is correct, it has to do with the coding for the character. That being said, if you wanted to convert the symbol to UTF-8 coding you could manually add the symbol to the from information. Check out the email called "Copy of Test2" in your account to see this.


This did change recently but is with our engineering team for resolution.

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Re: Outlook email header not displaying properly

Thank for your explanation. If I make the coding change as you showed me in Copy of Test2 so that it displays the registered trademark correctly in Outlook will it still display correctly in other email programs?


I am not sure what you are refering to when you say @Clique_Marketing is correct. The issue is with the registered trademark symbol, not the "at" symbol.


Please contact me when Engineering has resolved the issue.

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Re: Outlook email header not displaying properly

Can you include a csreen shot for them? 

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Social Icons not displaying properly in Outlook 2013

I am using the "Basic Newsletter" template and in Outlook the social icons display with too much spacing.


I have tried to change the positioning and nothing has worked so far, I have also removed and re-added the social block and that did not work either.


Does anyone have a solution? A lot of my clients use outlook.


Re: Social Icons not displaying properly in Outlook 2013

Hi @MichaelP231

I am sorry to hear of this frustration! We're working to get this issue fixed in Outlook but for now the trick is to remove the social share block and manually add the icons instead. Would you like me to leave this case open to have you notified when this is resolved?



Hannah M.
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Display Issues in Outlook 2013

Hi there,


Just looking for a bit of help or advice regarding an email template not displaying correctly when viewed in Outlook 2013.


The template we're trying to use is the 'Holiday Card'.  The problems are:

  • Header image is splitting itself into (it seems) 10 sections with gaps in between.
  • Background colour is ok, but the background image of snow doesn't show.

Works ok when viewed in Hotmail or when viewed on web.  I imagine there is a simple fix for this by editing the style sheet, but I'm afraid I'm a newbie when it comes to CSS.


I've attached an image to show what I mean.


Any help appreciated...

Christmas Email.png
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Re: Display Issues in Outlook 2013

Outlook doesn't support background images, the fallback is the solid background.

Regarding the other problem they didn't test their templates in the major mail clients like they should.
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Re: Display Issues in Outlook 2013

Thanks Clique - makes sense I guess, solid background it is!


Any ideas on the header image issue?  I haven't edited the stock CC template so I'm surprised it's having a problem.