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I am so beyond frustrated with Constant Contact and its inability to create emails that are actually formatted CORRECTLY. The old template screwed up formatting so many times, and after I send in feedback about how frustrating this was, I was promised that this new template/format would be much better. I tested an email MULTIPLE times, at least 10, and it looked correct every time. The email sends out this morning, and for no apparent reason whatsoever, the second line in one of the boxes is TINY (not the same size as the first line in the box and it also not bolded). This happened to be the name of the company we were honoring at our event, so now it looks like we are slighting them because their company name is miniscule. I'm not going to send out a "correction" email for a formatting error, but it makes us look REALLY bad. In addition, I removed the link from the text in a box, but it appears the link formatting is still there - IE when you mouse over it, the cursor switches to a link cursor, but you can't click on it. So again this makes us look bad because it looks like we forgot to put links in or put bad links in. After my last round of feedback, I was promised this new template would address my issues and would be much easier to use. It is slightly better in some ways, but infinitely more frustrating in others. I am particularly upset that this event follow-up email I just sent makes us look completely unprofessional.
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Re: Frustrated

Hi @VillaEsperanza,

Thank you for reaching out to the community! I am so sorry that you are experiencing this, and we would love to take a look in your account to do research on why this happened. Could you please email us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with the name of the email campaign that was most recently affected and sent out, a screenshot of the formatting issues, what email client this email was affected in, your username, and if the paragraphs affected were copied and pasted or not. Thank you so much!



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