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Geotargeted Content and Countdown Timers

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Geotargeted Content and Countdown Timers

Does Constant Contact support Geotargeted Content and Countdown Timers?


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Re: Geotargeted Content and Countdown Timers

Hi @JBM0 


Unfortunately, no. That requires javascript and our emails don't support javascript for the countdown timers.


I apologize for any inconvenience.


For the geotargeted content, if you have contacts that have custom fields with information you can insert that, but it's not really geotargeted unless you set that up within their details.

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Re: Geotargeted Content and Countdown Timers

Actually, those don't use JavaScript.  They are simple images that should work anywhere.

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Re: Geotargeted Content and Countdown Timers



I have taken a further look into the situation and I do see that the GIF file you have does work within Constant Contact. It also works within Google and Yahoo as well. As far as Outlook is concerned, it will always render as a still image for anyone opening the email in Outlook as GIF files aren't supported in their client. Unfortunately this is really out of our control as they are their own entity.


I can assure you the countdown does work properly within Constant Contact and will within most Email clients as well, but unfortunately Outlook will not be compliant with that file type. 



Ian W

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