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Getting my added tags to show up for all contacts

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Getting my added tags to show up for all contacts

I would also like to rename Company to Address, is this possible?
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Re: Getting my added tags to show up for all contacts



I took a look at your account and I'm not showing that you have any tags within your contacts. If you were talking about a different account, please email us that username to social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com.


Once you have tags added to contacts, you can view them all the easiest if you Export your contacts. You can select to export the tags and then you'll see which contact has which tag. You can also do this:


  1. Click on your list
  2. Check the box to select all contacts
  3. At the top click the Manage Tags button
    manage tags.png

  4. You'll receive an overlay to look for the tag you want 

As for changing Company to Address, that is not possible since it's in one of the top fields for sorting within the Contacts system for viewing.


company sorting.png


If you'd like to submit this feature request, you can do so in our Contacts Feedback Boards here.


Hope that helps!

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Re: Getting my added tags to show up for all contacts

They might be called fields, I thought they were tags. Whatever they are called, they have to be selected from the drop down under add Aditional Contact Felds. I wanted them to be able to show permanetly.  I can click on a member or add a new contact and see my added choices in the dropdown.  I would like to have them where I can just tab over to enter the information.  Or better yet, I was going to try to import that information in csv format.  I haven't done this because, if I can't get the layout to what we need it to look like, and have to use the dropdown to individually enter the information, it isn't worth re-entering the information when the program we currently have it in works.  I was trying to combine two sources into one, with eliminating entering duplicate information.


cc tags question.jpg


Re: Getting my added tags to show up for all contacts


Thanks for clarifying. At this time there is a not a way to show these fields by default but this is great feedback for the future. I certainly understand how this could be a time saver! 


You can upload a CSV file of any information you wanted saved within the contact. When importing your file you will be able to select a label for each field so you can match up the information you want to import here. If there is information in the file that you don't want to import that is okay too, you can leave the label as "Do Not Import". Any information that matches an existing contact would be updated. This means fields could be over-written or added but not removed.


Hope this helps, 

Hannah M.
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