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HTML in Third Generation Editor


Re: How can I add HTML code to an existing template?

guys these are simple features that have been used since forever. I need to be able to embed a code into my newsletters. You guys are not giving me a lot to work with. I cancel my previous email marketing service recently, but now I'm second guessing my decision. Please advise if this feature will be added to ALL generations of constant contact editor. 

CTCT Employee

Re: How can I add HTML code to an existing template?

Hi @gabss,


Thanks for reaching out with your concerns about this! We appreciate your feedback and I apologize that I don't have any further information at this time. Having access to the HTML in our newest editor is something our product team is tracking feedback for and I'm happy to add yours. In the meantime, please let us know if there's any assistance we can offer with your newsletters. We're here to help!


Nichelle M
Community & Social Media Support

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Re: HTML in Third Generation Editor

Please add back in this functionality. You have your fonts setup weird (ex. not 2, 3, 4... but 2, 8, 14 etc.) so it really makes it hard when working a design to function with mobile and desktop, or just match what you actually want the design to be. This has been noted before. I just wanted to add it a +1 (10000) for this feature. 


and yes, we can make custom html emails, but that is a poor solution when you used to have custom html in your previous editor. thanks for adding my name to the list of hopefuls. thanks!

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Re: HTML in Third Generation Editor

The new editor needs HTML editing available. Period.


Outlook, as always, is a huge issue that you need control over HTML to really deal with.


The last line on this page:


Literally says to edit HTML.


"If you're comfortable using HTML, insert your own breaks to space your content or add a style to automatically include a page break before each table row."

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Re: HTML in Third Generation Editor



It's just nuts that this discussion has gone on for so long. Constant Contact needs to provide access to the html code. Just throw up a warning notice about how making changes may introduce coding that is not understood by all email clients, if you feel it is necessary. What are you afraid of really? It's not like we can force you to help us if such a problem is encountered. If we introduce new code and then call for help, you can tell us that you can't help in that situation. Period. The support people always told us that anyway if we wanted to make a change to the code.


Re: HTML in Third Generation Editor

It would be very helpful to have this functionality. I'm relatively new to Constant Contact and was really surprised to learn that it is no longer included in this version of the editor. I have a background in web development, so the fact that one can't edit code is absolutely bizarre. I did some quick research and it seems users have been requesting this for over a year, but the same stock responses are being sent by CC without any idea of whether this feature will ever be reintroduced or not.


Give users a definitive answer either way. It's as simple as "We do not currently have plans to reintroduce HTML editing" or "Yes, we are planning to reintroduce HTML editing and will have it deployed by XX date." Giving the same reply "Your request will be routed to the product team" over and over again for over a year is simply a bad UX. 


I will be moving to  and suggest others to do the same. 


Re: HTML in Third Generation Editor

Really do not understand why Constant Contact would take away functionality with the third generation editor.  Should be able to view the HTML language when using templates to at least be able to tweak things a bit.  Also, what happened to being able to add a table?  Seems to be going backwards in customer service!  Is this just a ploy to force people to pay more for CC to create customized templates?  Is it time for people to consider switching to other email marketing providers?

CTCT Employee

Re: HTML in Third Generation Editor

Hello everyone,


Currently, in our Third Generation Editor we do not allow access to edit the HTML and have no immediate plans to do so. We want to provide our customers with the abilities to be able to use a user-friendly interface instead of having to rely on a code view to get their desired results. With all the feedback we have been collecting we are planning on making improvements to padding and adding some line spacing elements in the UI. I know this doesn’t solve all use cases, such as adding tables, but we will continue to make strides towards improving the editor.


I understand allowing HTML would increase the ability for more control of your content but it can also have a negative impact on your newsletter’s display in email clients.  If we provide access to HTML for every block, changing some of the default styles or content could break display when sent to an email client. Also being able to manually adjust width could have a negative effect. We have a team of amazing engineers constantly testing our templates in all email clients, so you can be certain your email displays consistently across the board. With that in mind, we want to make sure we make it easy to provide the best look and feel not only on the desktop but on mobile. With a majority of opens now leaning towards mobile over desktop we take that as a priority.


Please continue to let us know your thoughts on HTML and what exactly you're trying to do so even if we don't have HTML access we will be able to give you the tools to get your desired outcome.



Jared M.
Product Manager
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Re: HTML in Third Generation Editor

"but it can also have a negative impact on your newsletter’s display in email clients."


Don't you all literally charge us for inbox previews, though? I mean... if we don't have to worry about the display in email clients, then the previews should be free across the board. 

All Star

Re: HTML in Third Generation Editor

Thanks for finally being straight with us. That said, here is one (of many) issue I have with the lack of access to HTML:


In our emails, we frequently copy the style, layout, and content of one block in a previously sent email into a new email. I achieve this in the old editor by simply making a copy of the old email campaign, opening the HTML view on the block I wish to replicate, selecting all, copying to the clipboard, and then closing that copied campaign (without saving so that it's deleted because now I'm done with the copy), then going into my new email campaign I'm creating and pasting the HTML code into a new content block. I actually have several Notes files where I just keep the HTML code for my most frequently used types of content blocks, so I can just grab the code, paste it in, and then change the text or images as needed in the editor.

It isn't a solution to simply copy the whole campaign, because I may be combining content blocks from several previous emails, and/or copying a content block from a campaign we sent a year ago and, in the time since, many other elements of our campaign look and feel have changed. I'll give you a scenario:

Let's say, every summer we hold an annual event. How about an ice cream social that's in late July. In early May, I send a campaign containing a block with a save-the-date for the ice cream social. Then I don't mention the ice cream social for the next several campaigns. Mid-June, I send a campaign mentioning the ice cream social again now that tickets are on sale, so I just copy the block HTML from my early May email and add the new ticket info. Then I mention it in every campaign up until the event. Then summer turns to fall, fall turns to winter, and then at the beginning of the new year we freshen up our branding with a tweaked email campaign layout, some changes to our header and footer, etc. Time continues to pass and here we are again in May, planning our annual ice cream social. To save time, I want to just reuse last year's ice cream social marketing (same image, description, etc.). So I find the previous May email (now a year old) in my past campaigns, copy the HTML from the ice cream social block, and paste it into my new email, change the date, and VOILA! – now my campaign has our current branding with the new header and footer, the other current news, and the ice cream social info.

I don't see how to do this without accessing the HTML, but here's a potential solution: Let us save content blocks to a library, the way we can save images, so that as we are building campaigns, we can simply insert content blocks from other campaigns into our new campaign without having to build them from scratch anytime we aren't copying an entire campaign.

In other words, if you can find a way to let us copy various elements from multiple different campaigns into one new campaign, that would make me a lot less hesitant to switch to the 3rd generation editor. I want to be able to copy a block from Campaign A and a block from Campaign B and put both into Campaign C.

I'd be happy to give other examples or further clarify if you have any questions about how I use HTML. I really hope you find a way to incorporate this functionality if you don't plan to let us access HTML in the future. 

Thanks for listening and considering this request.

- Emily

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