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How To Make Images Display in My Emails

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How To Make Images Display in My Emails

You created this beautiful email with images and now you’re getting messages from your contacts that they can’t see the images.  I know that this is frustrating but I have a fix for you!


Not all email clients are set up to download images automatically by default. This is actually a setting that your contacts control within their email client. I’m going to give you the instructions on how to enable images to display automatically in Outlook 2007, Gmail, and Yahoo. For the others available, see our FAQ: How do I enable my email client to display images?


Outlook 2007

  •          Open up your Outlook
  •          Click Tools
  •          Select Trust Center > Automatic Download
  •          Uncheck the option “Don’t download pictures automatically in HTML e-mail messages or RSS items”
  •          Click Ok


This setting is only for individual emails.

  •          Open an email
  •          At the bottom of the email, click “Show HTML Graphics”

You will see a notification at the bottom confirming that images are set to display.


We have instructions on the following email clients:

  •          Aol Webmail
  •          Apple Mail
  •          Earthlink Web Mail
  •          Entourage
  •          Gmail
  •          iPhone/iPod/iPad
  •          Lotus Notes
  •          Outlook (formerly Hotmail/Windows Live)
  •          Outlook 2003
  •          Outlook 2010
  •          Outlook 2007, 2010, and 2013 – Secure Images
  •          Thunderbird


Any questions, let us know!


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