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How do we use Smart Quotes and Em Dashes??

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How do we use Smart Quotes and Em Dashes??

I have spent so much time copying and pasting the correct smart quotes into my two newsletters TWICE. I went through and did it once. When I went back in the next day, I thought I accidentally didn't save them the first time. So I went through them again.


Then I printed it out and realized, CC is just not retaining my changes! What is going on??


And something that’s more of an issue... the em dash. How am I supposed to produce a well written corporate newsletter when my only option is double hyphens? I cringe when I look at it myself. What is the secret? Is there a secret? If I alter the html, will it work? Why is there not an easier way to do this? Can't you add a special character section? Even if I copy and paste an em dash from Word into Notepad, then into CC, it doesn't take. Why??? FYI... no adding in the html for the characters DOES NOT work! THIS BOARD works better than the actual program because it lets me add in html tags—for em dashes and “smart quotes.”


I have seen these questions asked before on these boards, going back for years. This has to be fixed. This is just simply not acceptable. 

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Re: How do we use Smart Quotes and Em Dashes??

Hello @MariaI62


At this time these characters are not supported within Constant Contact, as you have seen.  You can "create" an em dash by adding in this code into the HTML of a block: 


<span style="letter-spacing: -3px;">---</span>

We do not have an HTML workaround for smart quotes though.  


The other option is to add an image into the campaign of the characters that you need. 


You can also vote on this idea in our feedback area.  The more votes and comments that an idea gets, the greater chance it will be implemented in the future. 



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Re: How do we use Smart Quotes and Em Dashes??

Um... no that workaround doesn't work.


CTCT Employee

Re: How do we use Smart Quotes and Em Dashes??

Hi @MariaI62,


My apologies the html code we provided didn't work. Please call Customer Support so that we can add this coding for you in order for the em dashes to display properly. Thanks!

Nichelle M
Community & Social Media Support

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