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How to Re-subscribe someone who Opted Out

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How to Re-subscribe someone who Opted Out

UPDATED: June 2018


Do you have someone who accidentally opted out, or opted out but wants back on your list? Here’s how you can get them back on your list.

If you have a Join My List form on your website, direct them to sign up for your list again. If you do not have a website sign up form, you can send them a link to your Form. To get the link you can go to Sign-up Forms > Landing Pages and More, then click on the actions options to the right of your Sign-Up Form and choose Form URL.




NewSignUp_LandingPagesAndMore (1).png




If they check their inbox and still have an old campaign you’ve sent, contacts can also resubscribe through the Update Profile link in the footer of this email.


Update_Profile_email_link (2).png


Through both of these solutions our system recognizes that the email address was opted out at one point and asks them if they wish to Update their Profile. Once the submit button is clicked, we send an email to that address to ensure the right person is signing up again. In that email there is a link to Update their Profile. Clicking on this link they will then confirm their interests in joining your email list.


Want to edit the Update Profile form?  Check out this FAQ.  If you do not have a website form, or your contact can not find an old email in their inbox, here are the steps to resubscribe contacts from your account.

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Re: How to Re-subscribe someone who Opted Out

We have contacts who have unsubscribed from marketing mail but we still want to contact regarding events, etc. Constant Contact tells me they're unsubscribed, but I want to re-subscribe them to certain lists (we have their permission for this.) Everything I'm reading tells me that when I re-subscribe them to these lists they'll receive an email to confirm that subscription. Is there a way to opt out of sending them this email?

I know it's going to confuse these contacts -- we're not trying to get them to re-subscribe to all of our marketing mail, we just want to contact them about one event. How do I turn off this re-subscribe email for contacts? 


I turned off the "confirmed opt-in" email but it looks like that is something different. 


Re: How to Re-subscribe someone who Opted Out

Hi @cmaggio 


Thank you for reaching out to the Community. I apologize for any confusion there may be with resubscribing this contact. At this time our resubscribe process does send an automatic confirmation email. Do you have an email from your contact requesting to be added back into your account? If not, we suggest having your contact forward you an email like this. Once you receive this confirmation please call into our Support, so one of these agents can further assist with any contact stuck in awaiting confirmation. 

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