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How to delete contacts that havent opened emails in last few months

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Re: How to track contacts who never open emails

Hi Jarrad


that would be great, thank you.







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Re: How to track contacts who never open emails

Hi Sue,


I have emailed you your results. I hope this helps.




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Re: How to track contacts who never open emails


Thanks Jarrad, I've received and stored the email.


I think as you'll see from how long this thread has gone on, and the sheer discontent felt by people about how they're paying for lists with what seems a very common 50% or even much higher unopen rate, that something needs to be doneto:


A)  have a hugely improved tracking system -

there are numerous companies like CC, and huge Britsh and US companies using these marketing programmes weekly or even daily - I get several! - and I can't believe they would put up with not actually knowing who opens their mails. There must be tools in this highly sophisticated technological age that can accurately track an record opened emails


placate and maybe recompense the people who like most of us, thought we would get accurate ( and much higher) results, and this is what we thought we were paying for!


C)  use the tools/technology  these larger companies use  - I think as you can see there is a feeling that many of us may try other companies and whilst on the whole the service an tools CC offer are great, this is obviously a really great source of ever growing discontent


D) if it can't be fixed, then why not make the bands MUCH cheaper or the 'leaps' to the next chargeable numbers MUCH higher, so we don't all feel, as we do now, that we are paying to mail people that we don't actually know if they respond and therefore aying actually quite a HIGH rate for customer?



I for one, recently went into the 5,000+ band. My open rates are showing as well above the industry average on the graphs, but the emails I send always appear to hover around the 1,000 open rate. Most are sent to very regular customers, all of whom have said they're happy to receive mails. Using a normal email programme we can get 'read' receipts, so why can a similar function not be used to monitor this type of mail?



And to finish, with the thought for the day maybe....


If the old fashioned postal service only 'appeared' to deliver a fifth of the mail we sent and didn't really know where the rest had gone,  I think you'd probably concur we'd have a reason to be unhappy - wouldn't you.....?




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Re: How to track contacts who never open emails

So?  Would anyone care to post which E-Mail Newsletter Company does provide this great feature?  After being a CC Customer since 1999?  I can no longer afford to waste my money on a Company that Does NOT provide this feature!

Hmmmmm?  I just found this website:

I will study it to see if I can find the answer!  Keep Your Fingers Crossed! ...Sam in Henderson 


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Re: How to track contacts who never open emails

Rosalind deleted my post?............Hmmmm?  Well Kids?  I am going to close my CC acct and go with aWeber !

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Re: How to track contacts who never open emails

If you'd like to discuss. I am available.

Rosalind Morville
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Re: How to track contacts who never open emails

Rosalind?  Yes I would!  Is there a way using CC for me to delete the e-mail addresses that DO NOT open my Newsletters?  I currently have 800 subscribers...........but the 'open rate' for my weekly Newsletters is only 150-175!  And I am about to add 5,000 more subscribers!  So it is very important that I have this ability to remove people from my list that NEVER open my newsletters!

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Re: How to track contacts who never open emails

UPDATED: October 2018


We have recently added the Contacts Segments tool that allows you to create a list of contacts that did not open any of your last 5 emails, a specific email, or any email. Please click here to learn more about using our Segments feature.


The information below is out of date.


Hello All,

I am the new product manager for customer facing reporting and analytics.  I am aware how large of a pain point this topic is. We are addressing this and will have a solution in mid 2012.  We will be implementing new technology that will allow us to track "did not opens" as well as several other highly requested items.


I apologize for the length of time that this will take, but we are working on it.  In the meantime we have this workaround which is the best way to know who didn't open an email.  I feel it is important to understand the way that we know if one of your contacts has opened an email is by tracking the display of a very small transparent image embedded in the email.  This means that if your recipient has "block images" enabled we will not acknowledge that they opened the email unless they click on a link in your message.  This is the industry standard method for tracking emails.


Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how we can improve the workaround until we are able to release the new feature.

Jonathan Mandell
Product Manager - Reporting and Analytics
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Re: How to track contacts who never open emails & Tracking Drop Outs

Dear Jonathan,

Congratulations on your position, and to CC on finally taking the issues in this thread, and reporting and analytics, seriously.


Like many of your other customers in this thread I have been with CC some years now.


One of the chief reasons to stick is to develop a database of my customers' behavior. The reasons are many, and important. Here are just two:


One, it would be really nice to be able to reward my loyal readers, don't you think?

IF I could find them, without tedious work,and IF I could go back more than just 90 days?!! (length of opens stored).


Second, it would be VERY nice if I could find out whether the people who are dropping(unsubscribing) are newbies to the list, oldtimers, in between, or what. (what's their reason/disappointment? Yes, I can survey, and no, they don't respond in any numbers that would allow meaningful analysis.


At present, when a subscriber "unsubscribes" the unsubscribe date OVERWRITES the date that subscriber was added. THE DATA IS LOST! FOREVER!!


So even if I export the data to Excel, I see...NOTHING but the date the subscriver left!

This is crazy! What's the point of having a db if, by design, it deletes some of the most elemental data beyond the contact info? I Don't mean to go on, but this has been driving me nuts for years now.

Is this anywhere on CC's radar as a "must fix"?


These two are such basic metrics I am astounded CC ignores them. Perhaps in those days delivery was all that mattered.


Let me tell you, it's a different world today. Please let me know if and when CC will conclusively satisfy these needs.



Tom Dotz


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Re: How to track contacts who never open emails & Tracking Drop Outs

Thanks Tom,


This is the exact kind of information I am looking for. :smileyhappy: In the years I have spent with small businesses I have learned to value your time above all else and if I am going to deliver information then I want it to lead to an action that creates more business for you or saves you time.  


I can say that your 1st ask for the history of a customer's interaction beyond 90 days is due around the same time as the did not opens report.  Again this is all due to how we store and retrieve information which is being greatly improved.  As for your 2nd ask I will look into it and see what is happening.


Please keep the suggestions coming and the more details about how you are using the information the better!



Jonathan Mandell
Product Manager - Reporting and Analytics