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How to delete contacts that havent opened emails in last few months

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Re: How to track contacts who never open emails

Jarrad, where is the 'accepted solution' button then?I can't find it?

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Re: How to track contacts who never open emails

Hi Kate,


The Accepted Solution is only available to the person who originally created the topic.






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Re: How to track contacts who never open emails

Although not ideal I thought I would just share what I have done to work around all of CC's frustrating lack of functionality. Thank you to the post warning everyone about Confimed Opt-in Emails via CC as I was potentially going to look into that until I also found out you get one email to that list and they are in or out permanatly , as I had asked if I could send multiple confirmations to a list to try and weed contacts out over time.


So basicallyI tried to make my own confirmation email. First I have been exporting my list of opens over the past few months (reminder - CC only keeps the past 3 months - lame) so that I would have a historical list of who has opened my emails according to CC. Next I exported my complete contact list. I opened my compiled "Openers" list and colored them green in excel. I then copied these contacts into my complete list excel file and sorted them. Manually and painfully I went through and deleted all the green cells with their match so that I ended up with a list of "non openers". So now I had two excel files, one of openers, and the other of openers.


Next I imported these lists into CC and deleted my default contact list, leaving me with two new lists.


So now I created a new contact list called "Confirmed customers" and made this my default list so its also where people who filled out my subscribe form would wind up. (I may be different in that my contacts come more from other web leads and opt-ins then those who directly fill out the "subscribe to newsletter form")


Thats pretty much the difficult work (thanks CC!)


So now I have created a series of email confirmations myself requesting people to "Re-Join My List". I suggest going through the process yourself just to see what it looks like. But when a current subscriber clicks to join they just have to go in and re-submit their information. HOWEVER because I made a new default list, when they re-submit their information they are putting themselves on my "Confirmed Customers" contact list. Once they do that they end up on both my "Confirmed Customers" list and my "non openers" list, so I go in and remove them from the "non-openers" list, thus keeping both lists clean and separate.


Here is one of the emails I sent in case you want to see it: Confirmation Email #2


So hopefully after a series of these emails I will haveany one I thought to be a "non openers" confirm their emails for me without the permanacy of CC's Confirmation Opt-In email and the inability to send multiple confirmation emails. And then when my series of confirmation emails are done I will simply delete my "non-openers" list lessening the funds I have to send monthly to CC.


I am not sure if this is the best solution, but it is A solution and am sharing purely because of that. Thank you CC for making it simple to keep my list clean!


Also if anything was confusing and needs clarification just let me know.




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Re: How to track contacts who never open emails

I have forgotten......even though I was told:  How To


I do NOT like CC's New Editor!  The old one was MUCH BETTER in every way!


I got a phone call from a CC Support Person who told me how to switch back to the Old Editor?  But of course?  I have forgotten How To Do It?


Can someone here tell me how to Switch Back to the Old CC Editor?


Thank You!


Sam in Henderson of

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Re: How to track contacts who never open emails

Hi Sam,


We cannot switch you back to the old WYSIWYG editor, but you may be able to access our Classic Wizard by creating a new email and selecting Classic Wizard as your choice of editor. Keep in mind that the Classic Wizard is no longer being supported and you may run into issues with it.


If you're having trouble with your current email with the WYSIWYG editor, try adding a new block or clearing styles from the current block.


If you need immediate assistance, please call us at 1-866-289-2101. We are open until 8:00 PM EST Saturday and Sunday.




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Re: How to track contacts who never open emails

Thank you both Bryon and Andrew for sharing your work arounds with the community.  I will continue to look into the issues you have brought up and will post more info every week or two here as I have more to share.  In the meantime I am collecting all these best practices for working with our products.  My goal is to find a way to share this info with all of our customers since I am certain that many will benefit.  

Jonathan Mandell
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Re: How to track contacts who never open emails

What a wonderful discussion going on here! I might actually reference this thread on my blog, it does a great job of illustrating why having a CRM system in place is so important for all businesses, large and small. CC is great for the phsical construction and delivery of emails. List management, tracking, and reporting however....that's where CRM really shines.



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No report to see who didn't open an email?

Is there really no way to generate a report of people that didn't open a specific email, STILL?


I actually called in for support 3 months ago to find out how to do this, or where I could find the report, and was basically told that in order to accomplish that kind of report, that I more or less had to save a .csv file of ALL the subscribers, then a seperate .csv of the subscribers that DID open the email, and manually remove them one by one from the master list.




Every other AR that I've ever worked with has this as a "basic" function that can be done with one click of the mouse. Plus, I've seen this exact thing requested here on the board several times. Not only that, but the lady I spoke with on the support call, said that she's had that request more than a few times.


I'm in disbelief that it wasn't a feature to begin with, but I'm really concerned that the issue hasn't been addressed even after repeated requests by paying customers.



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How to find all emails that never open

How do I find all the emails in my mailing list that never open the messages we send them?  I want to cleanup my list.  We have had it for several years. 


Is there a clean up function to find emails that never open or are bad etc?



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Re: How to find all emails that never open

UPDATED: October 2018


We have recently added the Contacts Segments tool that allows you to create a list of contacts that did not open any of your last 5 emails, a specific email, or any email. Please click here to learn more about using our Segments feature.


The information below is the steps to manually create a did not open list.


Hi -


Great question!  If you want to remove those contacts who haven't opened an email from you, you can check out these FAQs on how to location contacts that do not open your email and how to remove them from a listJust a note, we track opens by inserting a very tiny image and when your contacts choose to download images, we count that as an open. That means that if someone doesn't download images but does open your email is not counted.


To clean up your bounces, check out FAQ 5288: Managing, Removing, and Preventing Bounced Emails.


Any questions, let us know! Hope those FAQs help!

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