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How to delete contacts that havent opened emails in last few months

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Re: How to track contacts who never open emails

Hi Sam,


We cannot switch you back to the old WYSIWYG editor, but you may be able to access our Classic Wizard by creating a new email and selecting Classic Wizard as your choice of editor. Keep in mind that the Classic Wizard is no longer being supported and you may run into issues with it.


If you're having trouble with your current email with the WYSIWYG editor, try adding a new block or clearing styles from the current block.


If you need immediate assistance, please call us at 1-866-289-2101. We are open until 8:00 PM EST Saturday and Sunday.




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Re: How to track contacts who never open emails

Thank you both Bryon and Andrew for sharing your work arounds with the community.  I will continue to look into the issues you have brought up and will post more info every week or two here as I have more to share.  In the meantime I am collecting all these best practices for working with our products.  My goal is to find a way to share this info with all of our customers since I am certain that many will benefit.  

Jonathan Mandell
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Re: How to track contacts who never open emails

What a wonderful discussion going on here! I might actually reference this thread on my blog, it does a great job of illustrating why having a CRM system in place is so important for all businesses, large and small. CC is great for the phsical construction and delivery of emails. List management, tracking, and reporting however....that's where CRM really shines.



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Re: How to track contacts who never open emails

This is a major problem that should be a simple solution for Constant Contact to implement. It would be extremely helpful to be able to run this report without wasting countless time trying to manipulate the data.

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Re: How to track contacts who never open emails

There is a product on that removes duplicates Plus the first entry from spreadsheets in Excel.

Its called Removing Excel Duplicates. - it goes beyond what the standard remove duplicate does that comes with Excel


There is a 15 day trial


Export your list of all contacts

Then export list of contacts that opened emails

Merge them into the same spread sheet in excel

Run ablebits duplicate wizard in excel

Remove duplicates +1 (original)


What is left is those that never opened your email. Load them back into constant contact to do a seperate email to those.

Or do what ever you want with them

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Re: How to track contacts who never open emails

Thanks for that work around Dennis while we continue to work on a Did Not Opens report.  I want to also reiterate that someone that opens your email and is not displaying images in their email program will not be counted as an open unless they click on a link.  This is how every email company tracks opens.  So, it is possible to have people that will tell you they opened and read your email but they still appear as if they did not.  This is why we do not recommend removing everyone that appears as having not read your email.


Over the course of several email campaigns you can assume that those people that have images turned off will always have them off and those that have them on will always have them on, so you can track the improvement in open rate over time. 




Jonathan Mandell
Product Manager - Reporting and Analytics

No report to see who didn't open an email?

Is there really no way to generate a report of people that didn't open a specific email, STILL?


I actually called in for support 3 months ago to find out how to do this, or where I could find the report, and was basically told that in order to accomplish that kind of report, that I more or less had to save a .csv file of ALL the subscribers, then a seperate .csv of the subscribers that DID open the email, and manually remove them one by one from the master list.




Every other AR that I've ever worked with has this as a "basic" function that can be done with one click of the mouse. Plus, I've seen this exact thing requested here on the board several times. Not only that, but the lady I spoke with on the support call, said that she's had that request more than a few times.


I'm in disbelief that it wasn't a feature to begin with, but I'm really concerned that the issue hasn't been addressed even after repeated requests by paying customers.



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Re: How to track contacts who never open emails & Tracking Drop Outs

Just as a follow-up: I had 461 bounced-mails (out of over 5,000) on my last mailing that were listed as 'non-existent addresses'. Since I did not believe that all 461 were 'non-existent', I downloaded those addresses and sent them out via my business e-mail account and asked them to reply or I'd take them off my list. Well, I got quick returns from 7 people requesting that they stay on my list. I know that this thread is primarily about tracking people that never open emails (and to that I say 'Good Luck')... but I think it is a much more serious issue when you cannot depend upon the system identifying 'non-existent' addresses!!! Sure 7 people out of 461 is a low percentage... but it really should be ZERO for this category! Jonathon, any comment?

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Re: How to track contacts who never open emails & Tracking Drop Outs

I have been CC Customer since 1999!  I recently closed my account because CC refuses to give us an easy to use tool to remove subscribers that never open our Newsletters?


I had a credit of $187 in my account!  CC refused to credit me that $187!  But I asked them to close my account anyway....that was about two weeks ago?


However?  Recently things have changed for me!  I do battle with HOAs (Homeowner Associations) since 2003. Check out our "Doorway" Page at


I am here today to beg CC to let me have my Old Account back please?  Including the $187 credit?


I know very well that iContact and the rest are not nearly as 'Robust' as CC is !


And I am hopeful that will generate some Donations so that I can better afford CONSTANT CONTACT!


Thanking CC in advance! 

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Re: How to track contacts who never open emails & Tracking Drop Outs

Hi Sam -

The best way to reactivate in your case is to call our billing dept.  Call the regular support # (866) 289-2101and press 3 for billing. They can reactivate you and assign the credit to your account.  I hope you were told when you cancelled, this money is held for you and yes, you can assign it to the reactivated account.


EDIT: I reactivated it through chatting with the billing team  - I don't typically manage support issues myself, but my team walked me through this one, so you are all set to get mailing...


Welcome back!


Rosalind Morville
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