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How to find Contacts that are not on a list.

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How to find Contacts that are not on a list.

Did you know that within your account you can have contacts that are not on a list?  These contacts can be contacts without email addresses or active contacts.  If you think you might have contacts that are not on a list, you can follow these steps to find those contacts in your account.

  1.        Once logged into your account, go to the Contacts tab.
  2.        On the left you should see a search bar, click the word Advanced.
    contact search1.png
  3.        You will now see an Advanced Search window.  Select List for the first drop down, and is blank for the second. 
    contacts search2.png
  4.        Click Search

Your results will then display for you.  All contacts listed will not be included in a list.  Now you can manage these contacts from the search results.  If the contact has an email address and you have permission to mail to them, you can add them to one of your email lists.  If the contact does not have an email address or if they are unsubscribed/no permission set you can tag those contacts.