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How to send to List A, but exclude those people who also appear on List B

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Contact Management

On my sign-up, I only include the lists I want them to know about.

I handle all the rest with Excel spreadsheets and update them as needed.

Technically, once someone "opts-out" - you should not contact them further. I have done a validation email, and found a few for whom it was a mistake, but that is really not strictly kosher.
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Exclude contacts on a list from a mailing to a master list?

I'm sending a special offer to a master list, but want to exclude a list of people who have already purchased. These purchasers have been imported as their own list.

Is it possible to automatically exclude these purchasers from this mailing by saying "mail to master, but exclude people on list A"?

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Exclude contacts on a list from a mailing to a master list?

Not that I am aware of. This can easily be done by just creating a second master list and then deleting the smaller list from it. The new list does not count against your total email address count. When your done you can keep the list or simply delete it.

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Exclude contacts on a list from a mailing to a master list?

CC really needs to add this. We previously used Exact Target, and really miss that feature. Is there an easy (automated) way to delete names? In other words, if I download my master list (currently 9,500 emails), and then download the list I'd like to exclude (250 emails), is there a way in Excel or another program where I can automatically remove emails on the smaller list from the larger list (without having to manually go through and delete all 250 emails)?

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Is there a way to exclude emails in a list?

I have two contact lists.  One of them is all inclusive.  Is there a way to set up a mailing to go to everyone who is on list one (which includes all contacts) but not on list two (a subset of contacts)?
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Is there a way to exclude emails in a list?

Not easliy, but you can. Copy the list of everyone into a temporary list. Then delete those in list two from the temporary list. Now you can use the temporary list for the mailing.


Is there a way to exclude emails in a list?

I don't have anything helpful to add to this except to say that this is a feature that I would love to see made available. I send out webinar invites to multiple lists - depending on the topic. When I send reminder emails it would be good to be able to separate out a list of the people I know have already signed up. I know that some other providers offer this function....


Duplicates in lists

Hi all. Enjoying this great resource for CC. Our lists are categorized by type. For instance, I have a newsletter list, and a list comprised of trade professionals in our home state.
Yesterday I sent an email to my newsletter list. Today I want to send the same email to the trade pros, but I know that several people are in both lists.
Will CC filter them out? I don't think so... I know I can download the lists into excel and de-dupe, and then upload yet a third list, but would prefer not to.

What's the best practice here for mailing to multiple lists? Include all the lists in the sending queue or... ?

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Duplicates in lists

If you mail to both lists at the same time, Constant Contact will only send 1 email even if the address is on both lists. If you want to send to each list separately, your on you're own to eliminate the duplicates. Best bet is using Excel.

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Duplicates in lists

Yes, best practice is to send to all lists at one time, eliminates duplicates problem.