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How to send to List A, but exclude those people who also appear on List B

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Email List Exclusion



Currently we can send emails to multiple contact lists.  Is there a way to send emails to multiple contact lists then substract another list?


Sometimes we send emails to multiple lists but would like to make sure contacts in another list will not get these emails.

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Re: Email List Exclusion



If you include all the lists at the time your send your piece the system will automatically exclude duplicates.  If you wish to do a more conditional selection that would have to be done manually.


Tony Schaefer
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Re: Email List Exclusion

Hi Jason,


Tony is completely correct. If you send to all lists, it will de-dupe the ones that are in more than one list.

However, if what you want to do is to remove one list from the complete sending but are afraid that those contacts are on more than one list you're sending to, you can follow these steps.

Go to the Contacts tab
Merge all lists into a new list by using the Merge feature

Then go to the Exports link
Export the list you do NOT want to send to > save to your desktop

Then once exported, go back to the contacts link.  This time click on the Remove List link on the right.


Remove List.png

Then from here, choose the new list you made when you merged all contacts.


Then upload the file you exported.


This will remove all the contacts in that one list from your merged list.


Let me know if you have any questions!

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Re: Email List Exclusion

Hi Marissa,


Wouldn't moving contacts to the "Remove" list take them out of all currently subscribed lists?  If so that's not what we want.


The situation is more like that we have 2 big lists of contacts, and we send emails to individual lists as well as sending emails to both lists at once.  However occasionally there are contacts that we do not want to send emails to.  Our thought is to maintain a list for these contacts.


We still want to send them emails at times, but sometimes we don't.  So they still need to be in the 2 big lists.


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Re: Email List Exclusion

If you merge your lists into a new list and then go into Remove, you can choose this new list and then when you upload the file, it will only remove those contacts from that new list you created. All other lists will remain intact.

So the original lists that you merged, will still have those contacts.

Does that make sense?

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Re: Email List Exclusion

Hi Marissa,


Got what you said now, thanks!


It also says removing more than 100 contacts may take 24 hours to process.  So we can't really use the new list until a day after.  Is that correct?

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Re: Email List Exclusion

You're welcome! It probably won't take that long. Maybe an hour tops.

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Does do not mail list span all lists?

I have a general list with my entire database in. I just created a new list where I excluded some on the list because they are too far from the event I'm sharing. Does the do not mail list span both lists or will I be mailing to the second list people that opted out?

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Re: Does do not mail list span all lists?



Thank you for reaching out to us! So you know, the Do Not Mail list and Removed list span across all lists of Active contacts in your account. If you don't want to send to an individual now, but may want to do so later, I would suggest either making a new list and moving your contacts to that, or simply removing those contacts, not Do Not Mail. That list is basically an unsubscribe and you can't get those contacts back.




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Excluded Emails

Hey Guys,


Recently i tried to exclude some people from a particular email by creating a new list and moving them to that list, however, it didn't work, they stayed in the original list as well. So what i had to do (because i was to silly to just come here and ask lol), was move those contacts to the 'do-not-mail' list. Now that i've sent t he email i wanted to exclude these people from, i can no longer remove them from the do not mail list, and add them back into their own list because it says they opted out, but i know for a fact they haven't! 


Can any light be shed onto this issue? it's only 15 contacts, but they're important contacts!


Thanks in advance, 


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