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How to shorten a long URL


How to shorten a long URL

Constant Contact requires your URLs be no more than 510 characters but we know if you are directing to a specific page or site your links may be longer. If your URLs are too long the links can break and your recipient will be left to cut and paste the link back together. Don’t worry; we have some suggestions on how to shorten your link. This will allow you to still use the link within your Constant Contact campaigns!


Please note: These are not Constant Contact products so use them at your own risk.

Paste your long URL into the box labeled “Paste a link to shorten it”, click shorten and then click copy.






Paste your long URL into the box labeled “Enter a long URL to make tiny”, click make TinyURL and then copy the shortened URL.







How do you shorten your URLs? Let us know!

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