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I cant get the channels i want

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I cant get the channels i want

I am wanting to have the coupons run for two weeks on a couple different facebook sites and the only site its running on is my company page. I want to run it on my personal and a group that my girlfriend runs. It don't do much for promoting new customers if I can only market to current customers,
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CTCT Employee

Re: I cant get the channels i want

Hello @RobB61 , 


I took a look at your account and see you have a Facebook Promotion on your business page now.  We do not have a way to add the coupon to other pages in Facebook, like your personal page or a group page.  This is due to limitations by Facebook and how our application was created.  What I would recommend is posting the promotion onto your personal page and the group page.  You can navigate to the promotion on your business page and take the URL (it should be something like  If you take this link you can then use it to post in other locations.  By using this URL you are directing the audience to your promotion first, instead of just your page.  


Hope this helps.  Let us know if you have any other questions. 

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Re: I cant get the channels i want



Actually using a personal Facebook page for business purposes is against the FaceBook terms and conditions, but I won't tell.  :smileyface:

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Re: I cant get the channels i want

Hi @Clique_Marketing & @RobB61 , 


As mentioned, it is against Facebook's Terms of Service (linked here) to use "your personal timeline primarily for your own commercial gain, and will use a Facebook Page for such purposes - (section 4.4).  As long as your personal page is not being utilized solely to drive people to promotions/offers about your business, then you are most likely abiding by the Terms of Service set by Facebook. You are allowed to add a link to a Facebook Promotion on your personal page, just make sure that you are not over-doing it.  


Thanks for pointing this out Tony! It is always a good idea to keep in mind the terms of service/conditions for other sites as well.