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I want to redesign my template

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I want to redesign my template

I need more flexibility in the design of my template. I can't remove something and move something else in it's place. What should I do????
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CTCT Employee

Re: I want to redesign my template

Hello @RisaR54


I took a look at your account and see that you have a few different drafts, including a campaign template created by our Custom Services team. Is this the one you are looking to edit?  If so, I would recommend copying the template so that you have a backup of the original, in case something gets deleted. What did you want to add into the template?  You should be able to drag elements from the left sidebar into the template to add them and then click the "x" when hovering over a section to delete it. If you have an idea about what you are looking to add, we will be happy to give you steps on how to best complete that within your account.