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Why can't I make changes to campaigns from my iPad, or is there a way to enable my iPad?
CTCT Employee

Re: IPad

Hello @KimB4401,

You should be able to edit your campaigns on your iPad although working on a computer is a lot easier. Make sure that you're accessing your account through Safari rather than our app. The campaigns aren't editable at all within the app. To help me troubleshoot, please reply back with any error messaging your receiving/what happens when you try to edit.

Sara Lambert
Community & Social Media Support

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All Star

Re: IPad

Sara_L -


I too am frustrated with the iPad app and not being able to edit an existing draft, or create anything more than a quick blast from the iPad.


But regarding the suggestion of using Safari, I am even having issues in Safari (and Chrome) from my iPad.  I will go in to edit a draft, and everything is sort of greyed out...not letting me edit anything.  I can edit from a laptop with no problem, but I don't always travel with my laptop!  Do you have any other suggestions?

Honored Contributor

Re: IPad

Hello @GPPSec


Thank you for posting. Within the current account type that you are using, editing within your account on your iPad (not through the app) is not supported.  I did see that you have received the noticed that your account will be going through our experience upgrade soon though. Within this upgraded experience you will be able to use your account through your iPad and not need to go through the app.  In the meantime, the only workaround we currently have within our older account type is to use the app. I know that this is not ideal for you; however, with the upgrade coming soon to your account it will not be needed for long.  


For more information about the experience upgrade, take a look here.