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Import Tags

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Import Tags

Is there a way to import tags?  If not, I don't see how they have any value, here's why (a bit of a rant):


The alternative to importing tags, is to manually add tags.  To do this you must:


1. Select the boxes of the contacts after determining which contacts to tag.  Determine which contacts to apply a certain tag too is not obvious since you can't view all the fields in the search result page.  Therefore, this required me to compare with an excel list of the contacts I wanted to tag, which was very hard on the eyes.


2.  You can only do this for one page at a time, since the selections aren't maintained as you go to the next page.


3.  Each time you apply the tag, it brings you back to the first page.


4.  Getting back to the correct page takes time, since it loads everytime you select next page.


What the UX should be like (referring to the prior numbers)(taken from my experience with Salesforce):


1.  Being able to sort by 'any' field so that you can find and select the contacts easily.  (This implies being able to control which fields you can view in the search results.)


2. Selections should be maintained while visiting multiple pages.


3.  Applying the tag, or any other action, shouldn't take you back to the first page.


4. The pages take to long to load.  This would be tolerable, if not for the above.


The bottom line, I'm spending WAY too much time in CC!!!  The amount of time I'll spend providing feedback is proportional to my confidence in the ability of CC to execute on this feedback; I'm still holding off on judgement on the latter.


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Re: Import Tags

There is a work around for adding tags in bulk.  It is not ideal, but magnitues more efficient that the above process.


1. Create a tempory list called Tags. 


2. For all records that you want to have tagged with a particular tag, import into Tags list.


3. Select all boxes then apply tag.  Do so for each page.


4. Select all boxes then move to appropriate list, thereby emptying Tag list.  Do so for each page.  This last step only works if all the records with the same tags go in the same list.  Otherwise, before importing the records, not only do you want them to have the same tag, but you'll want to divide the records into groups according to what list they are associated with, and import separately.  Fortunately, for my purposes, this is managable.


Hope this helps!

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Re: Import Tags

One more (even better) work around...


You cannot sort by custom fields, but you can sort by company (or city).  So include in the company field information you'd like to sort by, such as industry.  This way you can easily select which records to tag, and you don't have to perform separate imports in the above step.


You can also create a custom record to store the company name (or city), if you still want this information in CC.



CTCT Employee

Re: Import Tags

UPDATED: June 2018


There is actually a really simple way to import tags. When you are importing a spreadsheet of contacts, you can include a column called Tag, and in that column, put in the name of the tag you want to apply to the contact. If you'd like a contact to have multiple tags, keep the tags in the same column separated by a comma.


If you are just looking to update existing contacts, and you want to tag each contact on a specific list, you can just use the Select All check box at the top of the list, and then you won't neeed to do it page by page.


As for the concerns you raised above, Advanced Search, which will allow you to sort by any field. 


Your feedback is vital as we move forward with improvements to the system. If you have any more ideas for how to enhance the system, please let us know.

Jeff Gilson
Community & Social Media Support

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Re: Import Tags

I need in detail how do I create tags on import.

I need to be able to import my CSV, or XLS  with

First Name Last Name Preferred E-mail City State ZIP Code Tags


I want the tags created dynamically when the file is imported.


I do NOT want to have create the tags before import.


I am being told there is an issue that has no ETA for resolution


Honored Contributor

Re: Import Tags

Hi Jeff,


Yes, the rep that you spoke with is correct. Our Engineers are working on a way for you to do this without the workaround you mentioned.


Please hang in there while they work on that! I apologize for any inconvenience.

All Star

Re: Import Tags

Is there a FAQ on how to import multiple  tags in a spreadsheet? I was given instructions on 9/24/13 but it does not work.  Has this method been updated?

Honored Contributor

Re: Import Tags

Hi Gail,


Yes, you can upload a file that has tags in it. But you have to have at least 1 contact (email address) that is being added to a list that has a tag attached to it.


I just did this myself and it worked in my account.


Hope that helps!

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Re: Import Tags

"There is actually a really simple way to import tags. When you are importing a spreasheet of contacts, you can include a column called Tag, and in that column, put in the name of the tag you want to apply to the contact. If there are multiple tags you want to use, each tag would need to be in its own column."


Side by side "tag" columns are flagged as duplicate fields on import.


If the record is on two rows and exactly the same, except the tag, it seems to import fine the import actually only accepts the last instance of the record (tag-b instead of tag-a).


What am I missing?



CTCT Employee

Re: Import Tags

Hi @District58 


I understand you'd like to get to using tags. It looks like where you took that quote from, the steps have changed. I'm sorry about that. I will edit the original post so it has updated information and steps. If you would like to add multiple tags to a contact, you would put each separate tag in the same column separated by a comma. So say you'd like to tag "Mary" with the tags, Connecticut and Frequent Shopper. In your excel sheet, it should look like this:



Melissa M
Community and Social Support Intern

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