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Import Tags

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Re: Import Tags

Melissa thanks for the updated instructions. I imported my mailing list updated with tags.


Tags added by geographical region, membership status, club roles & educational progress. This will help us reach our members more effectively including not filling up the inboxes of those where the message does not apply. More relevant messages means higher open rates.



Melissa, your tagline requests I mark your helpful message as an "acceptable solution". However I don't see this link anywhere. I do see a blue thumbs up. Has this icon replaced a text link?


Are Kudos and Votes related?



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Re: Import Tags

Hi @District58 


Votes and Kudos are one in the same. In order to use the Feedback areas we changed them to say Votes. I will see if we can get the "Kudos" to change to "Votes" in our profile cards.


Thanks for the headsup!

Re: Import Tags

Yes, I agree heartily. There should be a way to import a tag list into an e-mail list, while preserving the tag list's identity. This would be most helpful with bounce backs that have been corrected. 

Re: Import Tags



I am trying to divide a list of 8000 contacts into 3 groups, so I can send a survey to the first 2500 names; then depending on the response, send the same survey to the next 2500 names, and then the final 3000 names in three separate emails. In the Excel file, I have added a Tag column with either group1, group2, and group3 in every row of that column and then created the tags. However, when I start to use the imported list and limit by tag, each tag has 8000 names.


The easy solution is to create 3 separate files to import, but I was hoping to use tags instead. Let me know if I am missing something.




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Re: Import Tags

Hi @BWP_conservation 


Thank you for reaching out. It sounds like maybe in your file each contact itself has the group1, group2, group3, but without seeing the actual file I can't say for sure. I'm going to send you an email to your main email address on file asking for some more information so I can better assist you.