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Importing Contacts

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Importing Contacts

Hello, I'm having trouble importing my contacts from my Facebook page, my personal email contacts in Gmail, and also contacts on my mac computer. Can you help me out? Thanks,

Re: Importing Contacts

Hi Eric,

Happy to help!


We don't have directions on how to export from Facebook since we don't allow you to mail to any contacts who haven't signed up for your emails. We do have some directions on how to encourage these people to sign up for your list from Facebook though, check it out!


Here is how to upload from Gmail as well as how to upload from Apple Mac Mail.


Thank you,


Hannah M.
Community and Social Media Support

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Re: Importing Contacts



When I was on the phone with the Constant Contact rep to sign up he stated that I absolutely could do that. He said as long as they "Liked" my racing page, I could export those contacts into Contstant Contact. I asked if it was legal to do so and he mentioned the fact that they already opted to get updates from me made it ok. Is this not true then?

CTCT Employee

Re: Importing Contacts

Hi Eric.


I understand your concerns regarding consent to mail to people that have 'liked' your Facebook page. Unfortunatley after confirming with my compliance team I have found out that just because someone likes your page on Facebook does not give consent for you to mail to them on Constant Contact. Because they liked your page on Facebook they will get updates from you that way, but it does not give consent for you to add them to your Constant contact mailing list and contact them that way. However, because they liked your page you can always use Social Share to reach out to your Facebook specific fans and share your emails on this page.

Melissa M
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