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Is there a quicker way to clean bounce lists?

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Is there a quicker way to clean bounce lists?

Generally, if emails to a particular address have bounced three times in a row, I remove them from my contact list. This usually means that after I've uploaded a new list and sent three emails to that list, I have a lot of bounces to clean...this week I had 86 in one account and about 160 in another. Toggling back and forth between the individual records (which lets me see if an address has bounced 3x) and the bounce list takes forever, as Constant Contact loads rather slowly in either direction. But I need to look at each individual record to see if it should be removed. As you all know, it's so **bleep** hard to get good contacts that it sucks to delete even one that you don't have to. there a quicker way to clean bounces? I can't see any way to organize lists by number of times bounced. Any advice? Anyone find a work-around?

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Re: Is there a quicker way to clean bounce lists?

Unless you're in jeopardy of going over your limit and transferring into a higher billing area I'd just remove the bounces marked as suspended.  I don't remove anything else.



Having 160 bounces in a single sending seems extremely high though. Are these blocks or is that your average?