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Issues viewing campaigns via Outlook 2013

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Issues viewing campaigns via Outlook 2013

I'm responsible for publishing campaigns for my organization. My work e-mail was updated to Outlook 2013 recently. Since the change, I've been noticing a number of discrepancies with campaigns viewed with the 2013 product such as alignment and spacing issues. As a result, I'm needing to check campaign drafts on my colleagues' computers (with older versions of Outlook), which is inefficient and inconvenient. The silver lining is that our campaigns look good in older Outlook versions.
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Re: Issues viewing campaigns via Outlook 2013

Each email client uses different underlying technology, which makes HTML emails appear differently in each one. Sometimes the same email client will change what underlying technology it uses from version to version. For example, Outlook 2003 uses Internet Explorer 6 to render HTML. Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 and 2013 render HTML using Microsoft Word.


Your only choice is to test and come up with a solution that works in all of them.



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