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Issues with latest campaign (newsletter)

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Issues with latest campaign (newsletter)

My newsletter that came out this morning is messed up in the formatting. When I created the newsletter yesterday and when I previewed it, it did not look like it did in my e-mail today. I have heard from some of my customers that the formatting is messed up in their email as well. I have been doing the same newsletter for over a month, always the same way and they have been fine. What changed? I don't want this to happen next Monday, as I put one out every Monday.
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CTCT Employee

Re: Issues with latest campaign (newsletter)



Our apologies for any inconvenience. I have taken a look into your account and have created a copy of your most recent email. I was able to replicate the display issues you were running into on my end as well. It was due to excess coding that had made its way into the back end of your email. I have since removed that excess code and you will see a new draft there starting with "t2" which is good to go. You can continue to copy and work from this one and you should be clear of the issue. A few things that can cause excess coding to make its way into teh backend of your email are copying and pasting from third parties without clearing the styles in your edit block as well as copying the same email over and over to create the neext campaign. There are other factors as well but these tend to be the two most common by far.


So feel free to utilize the T2 copy you'll see in your account and continue working from there. It is ready for use!



Ian W 

Community & Social Media Support Intern
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Re: Issues with latest campaign (newsletter)

Thank you Ian, I sent out our latest Newsletter yesterday and everything worked as advertised.  Thank you for creating the version with removed code. I will keep that in mind should I have issues down the road since I typically use the previous email Newsletter as my template for the next week.


Thanks again


Tomas Reis

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Re: Issues with latest campaign (newsletter)

I can't get into my campaigns. Contacts show up but response when I click on campaigns. Please help
CTCT Employee

Re: Issues with latest campaign (newsletter)

Hello @DianeL143 ,


I am sorry that this is happening. Are you receiving any error messages? If the page is just not loading, have you tried logging into Constant Contant on another internet browser? If that doesn't work, try testing your browser speeds. You will need to have an upload and download speed to both be atleast 2mbps for optimal use of the product. If you continue to have any trouble, please feel free to post back on here or email us at Social_Support(at)ConstantContact(dot)com.

Jonathan Rich
Community & Social Media Support

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