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It's 2017 not 2010 :-)

Occasional Contributor

It's 2017 not 2010 :-)

You just informed us that our company is an "All Star in 2010."  Well, it's true that we were an All-Star in 2010, and every year since, but it's actually 2017.  You might want to fix that! 🙂


Jonathan Bernstein


Bernstein Crisis Management, Inc.

Occasional Visitor

Re: It's 2017 not 2010 :-)

Haha!  We got that same message this morning.  Thanks for the very belated update 😛

Solution Provider

Re: It's 2017 not 2010 :-)

So did we, and two days ago, we also got the same notice that we were all-stars in 2008 too. 


Is this indicative of something else going wrong? Is this something I should worry about now?

CTCT Employee

Re: It's 2017 not 2010 :-)

Hello @JonathanBernstein @Robinmsf & @JodiH6


Thank you for posting about this. We are in the process of updating the badges for All Stars since the beginning of the program (which was 2008). The goal was for your Community profile to be able to reflect that you received the All Star Award for the year(s) that you won. Since the notification does not have this additional information about the "why" behind the badges, we are working to assign the badges without the email to help reduce any confusion that it may cause.  If you have any other questions on this, please do not hesitate to reach out! 


*For more information on badges, take a look here