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LinkedIn connection with Constant Contact


LinkedIn connection with Constant Contact

Hi everyone:

There has to be a solution to this I just know it!  I want to share a campaign on social media namely  LinkedIn.  Constant Contact asks you to link these accounts by entering the user and pass for LinkedIn.  BUT company pages on LinkedIn do not have a user and pass.  The company page is created and the existing Linked In user connects to it by becoming a page administrator.  I really want to be able to use the tracking/reporting that Constant Contact provides because it is SO much better.  But when I shared my first campaign it posted to my personal feed and not the company's feed.  Ideas?

CTCT Employee

Re: LinkedIn connection with Constant Contact

Hi @TimothyF

Thanks for bringing your question to the community! As it is now, Social Share does not currently support the ability to post your campaigns to LinkedIn company pages. We do have an open Feature Request for this ability, and I've tracked your interest and set up an automatic notification to go out if our engineers decide to implement this functionality. 


In the meantime, the best way to post your campaigns to your LinkedIn company profile is with the Share URL. You can get the Share URL by clicking the "Link" icon next to the name of a sent campaign. You can then post that URL normally to any social media site you like.


Nate M. 
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Re: LinkedIn connection with Constant Contact

Nate you're a life saver!  I have been trying everything thinking it must be simple and I was just missing something.  Yes I do know how to post the link and will do that.  I just love your reporting so that is a drag.  I'm sure you guys will figure it out!  Thank you!

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