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Loading Screen Takes Forever! Very Unproductive.

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Loading Screen Takes Forever! Very Unproductive.

The Loading Screen (pictured below) once you Login takes FOREVER (in internet terms) and frequently causes me to browse away to another tab, while waiting for it to load. I have a fast 100Mbps connection. This has been the case for years, across many devices.


It's 2019, does the platform REALLY need that much time to load? It feels like a Sluggish website from the early 2000's.

loading screen.png

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Re: Loading Screen Takes Forever! Very Unproductive.

Hi @TransglobalS. I'm sorry that you are experiencing slow loading times but I'd be happy to see what we can do to help. The Constant Contact website can use more bandwidth than normal websites. Have you run a speed test lately? For the best site experience, we want to see an upload and download speed of at least 3mbps. If you have slow upload and download speeds, this can cause timeout errors and slow page loading even if other sites work just fine. 


Another issue that can cause slow loading times is a cache buildup. The cache acts like a database, which can get outdated easily, causing Constant Contact to reference old information. To remedy this, a simple close and reopen of your browser should clear the cache and any outdated information the browser might be holding on to. 


We suggest trying these steps first and if you still need further assistance, please reply here so we can help!

Caitlin M.
Community & Social Media Support

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