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MSO-365 Bounces

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MSO-365 Bounces

Dear Sir, We are having a lot of issues with a lot of clients who are using MS Office 365 not receiving campaign mail. My main business e-mail is w/ MSO365 and we are seeing e-mail going to quarantine consistently. When we do the spam test in building the e-mail within Constant Contact it show no issues, however MSO365 shows on header analysis a 3-5 rating and MS-Forefront security routes it to quarantine. (If you'd like the complete headers for analysis, let us know.) Thoughts??? Please Advise. CC Account:
CTCT Employee

Re: MSO-365 Bounces

Hi there!

I can definitely help you understand your bounces. Unfortunately if the emails bouncing have a company domain their server might be blocking the mailings from coming in. I would check out this FAQ about deliverability and see if that helps explain the situation a little more. If after reading that you still have additional questions please let me know and I'll do my very best to assist! :smileyface:

Melissa M
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All of my yahoo mails are getting bounced

All of our yahoo emails are getting bounced -- including my husband's. Is this a common problem? How can we change it? **Removed By Moderator**

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CTCT Employee

Re: All of my yahoo mails are getting bounced



I apologize for any inconvenience. I have taken a look into your account and notice that fortunately, many of our Yahoo contacts are receiving our emails! I do however, see that a few specific ones are bouncing back. They happen to be on our Global block list, and happen to have been for quite some time. 


At this time, I can remove 5 from our Global Block list and will gladly do so. Going forward, if you notice that any Yahoo email addresses continue to bounce, let us know and we can assist you further at that time. Your husband's email will be one of the 5 I am removing today so he should be just fine receiving campaigns going forward.


If you have any questions going forward, please don't hesitate to reach out!



Ian W

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Re: All of my yahoo mails are getting bounced

Thanks, Ian!  Mystery solved!


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Re: All of my yahoo mails are getting bounced

Can you define the Global block list.
How her husband would be on it and then how easily your removing the 5 if they are currently being blocked?

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Re: All of my yahoo mails are getting bounced

Hey @Clique_Marketing 


Our Global Block List is a setting within our system where we can check the sending status of a contact. We also have the ability on our end to alter this setting. 

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Re: All of my yahoo mails are getting bounced



I understand the hold list concept very well at this point.

Sorry if I wasn't clear, I was asking about what criteria was used to unblock the 5 email addresses?




Re: All of my yahoo mails are getting bounced

Hi Tony,

Thanks for clarifying. Although I can't tell you much about the internal tool we use, when looking into this type of bounce we look into the history of the email address in question (to see if they ever opened your emails!), and then check out when it was added to global block (In this case, the majority of the addresses have been there for a while) and if it was because of the repeated bounce. The internal tool we use also tells us if the contact requested the block, in which case we couldn't remove them for you.


Hope this helps,

Hannah M.
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I can see that constant contact is NOT getting through to gmail inboxes. I specifically asked my sales rep about this and he assured me that constant contact has a great relationship with gmail and google and that it would not be an issue. That is why I upgraded.
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