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Re: Mobile App

Hi Zoe. I cant actually say that anyone has provided me with a solution. A Barbara Frye has reached out to me to find out about my experience and i am happy to speak with her.
I must say that if the energy everyone has put toward asking me if i find their answers acceptable, surveying my experience and reaching out to find out more about my experience - if that energy was redirected toward actually providing me with a workable solution, and letting me better understand how you are working to solve future issues like this then i might be able answer you, yes. I have an interest too in the success of CC because i trusted you with my lists. But so far i mostly worked through it myself Although when the desk finally opened for business the support team helped me better understand the problem. But no solutions.

Re: Mobile App

Hi @HeatherF141. I see that you are scheduled to have a conversation with Barbara to discuss the interactions that you have had with our Support team but I wanted to step in and apologize for any miscommunication that there has been between us and you. I can certainly understand and agree that we can do better with communicating changes to our product, especially when it's something as new as this. We do our best to follow up with customers who alert us to issues with our product but I can acknowledge it wasn't done in this case.


First, we did release a new version of the Constant Contact app. It is still compatible with your version of iOS. This was a particularly notable release for us, as it addressed perhaps the biggest request we get for the mobile app. Previously, emails created within the mobile app could not be edited in your account if you signed in on your desktop. Emails created in your account through your desktop could also not be edited (or even seen/scheduled) through the mobile app. This was a huge pain point for a lot of our customers using the app because it made the app really lacking for anyone who used a desktop (which is a majority of our customers). It sounds like you work mostly through the mobile app, and our goal was that the experience could stay seamless on the mobile app, although in your case we didn't meet that goal yet.

We did have a few small bugs in the release of the new editor that were quickly addressed. We released a new version of the app (v3.0.2) recently, so if you haven't updated to the latest version yet I would encourage you to do so. One of the issues that was addressed was a looping issue where the editor was consistently looping users back to a screen to enter a physical address. It sounds like you ran into a looping issue too but on a different screen. It also sounded like you found a solution on your own that worked for you, but if this issue is still outstanding on the most recent version then we may have some additional work to do.


You mentioned a few different things during your conversations here in the Community and over chat and I'd like to pin down exactly what's happening after the updates that we've made and the steps you've taken on your end. We want to make sure the technical issues you experienced are addressed appropriately but to keep these conversations in order and to make sure everything is followed up correctly, we suggest reviewing the questions below and they can be discussed with Barbara during your call tomorrow:

  • Have you been able to successfully schedule an email from the mobile app?
  • Is the editor responding correctly when you are adding text in (since you mentioned this specifically)? If not, are there any other areas where the editor is not responding?


Again, I apologize that we haven't found a concrete solution yet but we look forward to continue working with you and making this new product a great feature for everyone.

Caitlin M.
Community & Social Media Support

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Occasional Participant

Re: Mobile App

Wow! This is all good intel but I don’t have time to investigate it right now.  I wish though that your support team had had all that information up front - or easy access to it.  Might have saved some headaches.  I definitely want to help you fix bugs and make CC better.  It’s invaluable to me but you should know that my time is valuable too so all the emails and phone calls after the fact are truly great! But no one has yet suggested that I get a break this month on my.quite hefty subscription as payment for the time and effort I have made in helping you — when I originally came to you for help — which is what I thought I was paying for.  Just sayin!