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Mobile Templates Availability

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Mobile Templates Availability

Where are the templates that are responsive? When I preview them in the "Email Preview", there are options to preview them as "Desktop" or "Mobile". But when I send it to myself, the email is not responsive. I tested this using an actual smartphone, and emulators(Chrome). Is there an option that I have to turn on to make it responsive? If there is not, the templates that I am using are not responsive at all. In the help guides, it shows that there is an icon denoting that there are responsive templates. Where are these responsive templates?
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Re: Mobile Templates Availability

Hello @MatthewM387


You are using our 3rd Generation Editor, where all of the templates within your account are responsive. I tested the latest sent campaign to my smartphone (an Android) and the template seemed responsive to me on my device.  Can you send us the details of where you tested to (i.e. Device, Operating system, and app you are using) as well as the specific campaign(s) you have tested?  If you wish to keep this information private, you can email it to social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with a reference to this post and the username on the account. 



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Re: Mobile Templates Availability

Can I ask for the "definition of responsive" as CTCT sees it?


Your response should equate to something like the image below.




Re: Mobile Templates Availability

Hi @Clique_Marketing

Your image is great for this explanation! Here's how we define "responsive".


"A mobile-responsive email template uses technology to adapt and format your email's layout, based on the size of the screen its being displayed on. For example, a mobile-responsive email template may have an image with text to the right of it. When someone views this template on a mobile device the text and image may appear stacked (image on top, text on bottom) so that it's easier to read."


These templates have smaller fonts and less content by default. They are built to stack content when viewed on smaller devices, as your image shows. Here are some best practices for mobile friendly templates.

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Re: Mobile Templates Availability

Ok, I have found what was wrong with my emails.  If using the email templates, you can not test the mobile version at all with emulation.  You need an actual smartphone to actually look at the mobile version of the email.  I had to use an Iphone 4S just to get the mobile version.  It looks like the templates will only show the mobile version in small phones like the Iphone 4S, anything bigger will show the desktop version.


Thanks for the help everybody.