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Need to cancel account.

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Re: Cancellation

You'll needs to call up to cancel. You should be able to do it from within your account but they don't allow it.
They make it a bit of a hassle as many companies do these days.
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Re: Cancellation


smart phone auto correction blues.....
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Re: Cancellation

Hi @GuyB55 


I took a look at your account and I see that you were able to reach one of our reps and set up your account for cancellation.


Thank you for posting.

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I do not wish to continue my trial please cancel

Please cancel my trial effective today 9-8-14
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Re: Delete account

Hi Hannah,


Thanks for your response. Apologies, I should have been clearer in my request - I would like all of the details and information associated with my account deleted, not canceled. I realize that I have an expired trial - since I won't be using this account, I'd like it to be deleted entirely.


Thank you!

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Re: Delete account

Hi @TamaraN54 


Thank you for clarifying. We don't delete accounts within our system. What you can do though is log in and clear out any of your information by using X's for letters and 1's for numbers.


I hope that helps!


Re: I do not wish to continue my trial please cancel

Hi Jackie,

Sorry to hear the account didn't work for you. There is no need to cancel the account as it will end on its own.

Hannah M.
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I am having difficulty reaching someone about canceling my business account.

The company was bought out and I need to cancel this one. Can anyone assist in telling me how to reach someone?
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Membership Close-off

Hi, We have problems about using some Tukish characters on Constant Contact System. You said that "We couldn't solve this problem" to us. So, we want to cancel our membership and get payback. We did not send any email to anyone over constant contact.
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Re: Membership Close-off

@BurakT ,


I am sorry to hear that you wish to close your account. for security purposes, we ask that you contact our Billing Team. They are open Monday-Friday 7AM-9PM.



Ian W

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