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Need to cancel account.

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Re: Want to cancel account

Hello @FM62


I apologize for the wait time that you had while trying to get in touch with our Billing Department.  I will pass your feedback about this policy along.  


What can sometimes cause a longer hold time is if a call gets placed into the wrong queue.  This would cause the call to be transferred, and potentially increase hold time.  In order to get in touch with the right people, you can call in to our billing line and make sure to listen for the number to press if you are cancelling or suspending an account.  Here is the number and hours of our billing team: 




I have not login for a long time

I have no one taking care of this account for a long period, I found out that my account have to be paid for big amount without using. Please advice me how to reactivated with out those charge or some compliment for be back using this account.
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Re: I have not login for a long time

Hi there, 


The way our billing structure works is that if you want to cancel your account, you must call in to cancel and if we are not aware that no one is using the account, we will continue to bill you until we are notified that the account is not active. I am sorry that you were not aware of this policy prior to the charges. 


You will need to call in to reactivate the account and negotiate a credit. Please contact our billing team directly. Here is the international number.


This website is helpful for calling us from overseas too



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Cancel Products

Hello I want to cancel a product and can not please brindenme steps.
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Re: Cancel Products

Hi Jaine,


In order to cancel a product (if you have multiple products open) you can click on My Account when in your account. Then at the bottom you can click  > Cancel a product and follow the prompts.


If you only have 1 product with us you will have to call in to our Billing Team at 1-855-229-5506.


I do see that you emailed in and I did move that to our Billing Queue for you.

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canceling my account

canceling my account
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Re: canceling my account



I see that you were able to contact our Billing Team to have your account canceled.


If anyone else stumbles upon this post, in order to cancel your account, you have to call in to our Billing Team at 1-855-229-5506.


Thank you!

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i want to cancel account...

How in the world can I get thru to Constant Contact to cancel??? Have tried all possible channels, can not get thru by phone, e-mail or web
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Re: i want to cancel account...



I'm sorry to hear that you're unable to get through. The phone number to cancel your account is 1-855-229-5506. We have a short wait currently.


I apologize for any inconvenience. 

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i want to cancel my account

the site wont let me cancel