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Need to cancel account.

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Re: I have been trying to cancel my account since September

Yes it seems that their strategy is to keep charging the CC by not answering the phone! What a lousy business practice, I havent been able to cancel either!

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Re: I have been trying to cancel my account since September

Ricardo -


I'm sorry to hear that you are having trouble.

I see that there are no calls in our call queue as of right now.

We have tried reaching out to you and can again at a better time?

If there is a time you prefer, please let us know.

Rosalind Morville
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delete account

please delete my account not interested in it thanks

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Re: delete account

Hi Lexis,


Are you looking to cancel your Constant Contact account? If you are, it is in a trial state, so you can just let the free trial run out and it will close automatically at the end of 60 days.


I hope that helps!

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Canceling a Product, Add-On, or Account


We’re sad whenever anyone wants to cancel their account, but we make it easy for you with several options. Let’s take a look at them:


Cancel Your Free Trial – You don’t need to do a thing. Simply let the 60 days expire and your free trial is canceled. You won’t be billed because you never upgraded to a paid account.


Cancel a Single Product – If you have more than one product, you can cancel one of them simply by going to My Account on the top right while logged into your account. Under Product Descriptions, you’ll see a link to cancel a product. Simply click the link and then select the product you would like to cancel. You’ll get a list of terms and conditions and a checkbox for you to click stating you understand them. Click Next and verify your changes. You’ll again be asked to state that you understand the terms and understand them. Click Submit and the product is canceled!


There are a few things that happen after you cancel a single product or add-on. Let’s take a look at them:


  • Online Survey - You won't be able to access your surveys or results in Constant Contact. Read more about what happens when you cancel Survey.
  • Event Marketing - You will have limited access to your events. You will not be able to publish any events.
  • Email Marketing - You will have limited access to create new emails. You will not be able to send any new emails.
    Note: You still will be able to create Survey and Event invitation emails.(if you have those products)
  • Social Campaigns - Your social campaign will convert to a Default Welcome Campaign that you can keep forever. Read more about what happens when you become an inactive user.
  • SaveLocal - You will not have access to your deals at all once you have canceled the SaveLocal product.  
  • Email Archive - All links related to the archive web pages will become inactive as soon as twenty-four hours.
  • MyLibrary Plus - All images but the top five images are removed from your Image Library. This will cause the Image Deleted icon to appear in any previously sent emails.



Cancel your Entire Account – To cancel your entire Constant Contact account, you’ll need to contact our Billing team. You can reach them at 1-855-229-5506.




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For months I have trying to get in touch with you!, I requested to cancel the service through your email template.

I have no access to my account because it is locked for months and I can not cancel the service from my original account. or get in touch with you from the same because I have no access.

I had to make another new account to access some means to get in touch with you.

REQUEST the immediate withdrawal of servivio and I paid the last payment by Visa!!!!!!!

My email.




Llevo meses tratando  de ponerme en contacto con ustedes!!!, he solicitado la baja del servicio mediante su plantilla de email.


No tengo acceso al mi cuenta porque esta bloqueada desde hace meses y no puedo anular el servicio desde mi cuenta original. ni ponerme en contacto con ustedes desde la misma porque no tengo acceso.


He tenido que hacer otra cuenta nueva para acceder a algun medio de ponerme en contacto con ustedes.




Mi email.



Hi Javier,

I am sorry you are having trouble with your account. I see that your other account is locked due to failed logins. I have unlocked it if you would like to try to login to your account. I am sorry to hear you would like to cancel but I am happy to help complete that. Please confirm you would like to cancel the other account you have with us. Once cancelled you will have no access to your information or contact lists so please export these ahead of time.


For the fastest service there are a number of ways to contact support directly. The Community is designed to be peer-to-peer so a reply can take some time. Support can help instantly via phone, online chat or email. Here is some contact information:


Phone: (866) 289-2101 or 1-781-472-8120 for International customers Mon-Thurs 7am-11pm, Friday 7am-9pm and Sat&Sun 10am-8pm EST.




Chat: Can be accessed by clicking "Help" once logged into your account.




Hannah M.
Community and Social Media Support

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Delete account

Hello, please delete my account completely now. I do not need the trial. Thank you


Reason: Found another website with free service that allows to have more subscribers and all the services that I need.

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Cancel a Product?

I click on "Cancel a Product" and then select the one and only product I have purchased, "Email Marketing".

Then I see a message that reads...


"Cancelling this product will effectively cancel your account. Please contact Constant Contact Support to cancel your account. The hours and numbers are listed here."


I can't simply cancel it online? Is there no other way to cancel my "Email Marketing" without making a phone call?


Does not seem to be very user friendly. Maybe I'm missing something on how to cancel a product.

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Re: Cancel a Product?

Hi John,


We have a few ways that you can cancel your account, though it is not possible to cancel within your account.


You can cancel via phone, by sending us an email, by logging into our Live Chat, by tweeting at us.   Or you can email me directly within the User Community, Just click on my name over on the left and then on my profile click on "Send this user a private message".  If you choose to email me, please include the reason for your cancel so that I may put the correct information in your account.


You can access our chat and email support by clicking here.

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