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Need to cancel account.

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Re: Cancel a Product?



I sent you a PM.



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Re: Cancel a Product?

Thank you!

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Delete account.

Please delete my account. I keep getting calls as well, so please stop calling me.


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Re: Cancel a Product?

I just found that out, as well, @ApplianceJunk, and had the same reaction.  Furthermore, after I called to cancel, I also requested reimbursement for this months service fee since I was billed just 2 days ago and I have not used Constant Contact for at least 2 weeks.  After being told "reimbursement is not allowed," I am left feeling extremely irritated as a consumer that a corporation would keep my money for a service I WILL NOT be using!  This is NOT how you run a business and it's disgraceful!  At the very least, I was expecting a "pro-rated" discount, as this is how every other business I deal with handles their billing services.  The customer service rep I spoke with was very understanding of my expectation for some amount of reimbursement, which was the only satisfaction I had after hanging up.  Constant Contact has now left a very sour taste in my mouth!  I was only going to cancel for about 4 months, until I would be in need of email marketing, again.  All I can say now is I hope I find another business that offers similar services that I can utilize online.  I don't respect greed and that's exactly what this "no reimbursement policy" is all about.  For me, it's not at all about the money, it's about doing the right thing for your customer!  I'm sure I'm not the only person that has had this happen and feels this way!  I hope this blog is read by many so that consumers will know how Constant Contact runs their affairs.  I don't care if this clause is stuck on page 8 in small print, it doesn't make it right and it should be addressed internally!

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Re: Cancel a Product?

Hi Lauren,


Again, I apologize for any inconvenience. And I have answered your post which can be found here.

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How do you delete your account?

I don't want to pay another month. How do I cancel. Cancel me.

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Re: How do you delete your account?

Updated: October 2017




Thank you for your request. There is currently no way to cancel your account online.  If your marketing activities are on hold, suspend your account to keep all of your content, reporting, and contact information stored for when you're ready to use it again. You have the option to cancel your account, but we can only restore your account up to 90 days after cancellation.


To cancel your account, please contact our Billing specialists at 855-229-5506 between 8AM - 8PM EST Monday - Friday. Our specialists will not pressure you to keep your account. You will be asked to provide feedback to ensure our products and services are improving for the future.

Be sure to contact us prior to your next billing date in order to avoid the next month's charges, and have the following information ready:

  1. User name of the account you want to cancel.
  2. Reason for your cancellation. We use this information to find ways to improve Constant Contact's products and service.

We'll send an email within 24 hours to your main account email address confirming your request.



I hope this helps!


Thank you for your time.




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We would like to cancel our accoutn

but its impossible to find out how!!
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Status changed to: Idea is in development

Hello, Thank you for posting. To cancel your account please call in to our billing department at (855) 229-5506. 

Eric G.
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Re: Status changed to: Idea is in development

I took a look at your account and see that a user logged into your account yesterday came into our Chat Service to cancel your account. Your account is scheduled to be canceled on the 19th of October. If you have any questions, please contact our Billing Team at the number provided above.


Thank you!

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