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Need to cancel account.

CTCT Employee

Re: Cancelling Account

Hello Jannine,


Thanks for your feedback, I will pass it along to the appropriate team. As you stated, at this moment you can only cancel an account over the phone .To cancel your account, please call to speak with our Billing Support specialists. Billing hours are 7AM - 9PM Eastern Time (11pm - 1pm LHST).


Thanks & regards,



Juan Ramirez
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Cancel Product (Bad service support)

Could you tell me what are the requirements to cancel my account??


I called the service number and ask me a number of contracts, which i do not have

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Re: Cancel Product (Bad service support)

HI Angel,


I'm sorry to hear that you'd like to cancel your account with us. To do so, you can just contact our Billing Team at 1-855-229-5506.   They will have you verify that you are the owner of the account in order to cancel.


Hope that helps!

New Member


I was told that I can cancel account online. However, when I went online over the weekend, it tells me I can't but call billing who is not open over the weekend. Frustrating.
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Re: Cancellation

Hi Remeko,


I apologize for the misinformation that you received. We only offer cancellations via our Phone Support which is open Monday-Friday 7am - 9pm ET. 


I do see that you did call in and speak with one of our Billing Reps today who was able to assist you.


If there's anything else we can help you with, please let us know. I apologize for any frustration.

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I need to cancel my account

Im not using it any more and you are automatically charging my credit card.
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Re: I need to cancel my account

Hi Max,


To cancel your account, you will want to reach out to our Billing Team. They are available at 1-855-229-5506. They are here until 9pm ET tonight.


Hope that helps!

New Member

I am not interested

This is not what I want. Please stop my trial.
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I want to cancel my account - but i can't call you.

I want to cancel my account. Or you can tell me more about if i don't cancel, so can i closed account but not pay credit ?
I don't want pay it.

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Re: I am not interested

Hi Debbie,


I'm sorry to hear that the trial is not what you were looking for.  You don't have any credit card information in your account so the trial will just expire at the end of 60 days.  If you want to still put it through as a cancellation, you can give our Billing Team a call at 1-855-229-5506.


Thanks for giving us a try!

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