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New editing function is broken

Established Member

New editing function is broken

If I come back to edit a content box two or three times in a session the editing function goes haywire and is useless. Can we have an option to use the previous editor or something because this is becoming a real time waster... I have found the same issue to be true using both Chrome and Firefox on Mac.
Regular Visitor

Re: New editing function is broken

OR proper formatting. It goes into a sort of default mode where it overrides formatting.


AND, if you want to write a long piece, it will interrupt you, ask you if you are still busy. And since you still are, you'll type into the new pop-up box and it will overrite everything and restart all your hard work.


WE PAY FOR THIS. If this was a free service, it'd be understandable, but I will flat out be telling other business partners to stay away from Constant Contact.

CTCT Employee

Re: New editing function is broken

Hello @OMSI,


I apologize that you are having trouble editing blocks in our new editor. I tried testing this out in your account and was having trouble replicating the issue. We would like to look further into this for you.

In order for us to look into this further, we will need to ask you a few questions to find out some more information.
- Do you get any error messages?
- Are there specific steps that you take prior to this happening?
- Can you describe what happens on your screen when this occurs, i.e. do you see a loading wheel?

If you could also provide screenshots of this happening, it would be very helpful. If you prefer to send tis information privately, please know that you can email us at Social_Support(at)ConstantContact(dot)com with a reference to this post and your username. Thank you.


Hello @LucasL,


I am sorry to hear you are having formatting issues when creating your emails. Are you copying previously sent emails or copying and pasting text(from MS word or a website) into the blocks? Let us know, and we will look into this too.

As for the system interupting you, our system does time out after 60 minutes of inactivity. But, if this happens more frequently while you are actually working, there are some small adjustments that may need to be made to your browser or network settings. In the meantime, if you are inserting lots of information into one block, I would recommend saving the block frequently after every paragraph or so.

Jonathan Rich
Community & Social Media Support

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New Member

Re: New editing function is broken

I am now having the same issues.  Trying to get something ready and it is giving me fits.  Sent an email to support.  Hope there will be resolution soon.

CTCT Employee

Re: New editing function is broken

Hello @JackS17


I was not able to find your email in to our support team so I wanted to reach out here to make sure that you were able to get assistance on this. If you still need help, please feel free to post here or email us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com. 





Re: New editing function is broken

Similar problems here.  Was editing an email ad from a year ago.  Blocks seem to duplicate and freeze during editing.  Might be associated with text being deleted or highlighted and replaced.  I had to logout and log back in to regain use of the editor. 

CTCT Employee

Re: New editing function is broken

Hello @PeteK2


Thanks for posting about this. We are looking for more information about what you are describing. Would you be able to reply here or email us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with the following information: 


  • What browser and version are you using? 
  • Have you tested another browser? If so, does the same thing happen?  
  • Would you be able to send us screenshots of this happening in your account?  
  • Can you tell us the name of the campaign(s) that this is happening in? 


Occasional Participant

Re: New editing function is broken

I have the same problem.  I typically use campaigns sent in the past to send current notifications.  For example, I will take the email I sent last June about "Powerwashing," change some of the text to make it current, and then schedule & send the current communication.  The cursor starts having fits in the middle of an edit.  Right now, I went into edit Powerwashing 2018.  I copied and saved the copy as Powerwashing 2019.  


I then clicked into the text to start editing, got a few words typed & bam!  The cursor jumped to the end of the sentence & refused to budge.  I tried everything - all "word processing" functions I know how to use - nothing.  This is the second time this has happened in the last couple of weeks.  The last one should have taken 30 minutes...ended up 3 hours.  


I didn't realize that the editor changed.  Fix it.  I'm also very unhappy about the changes you made to the imaging feature.  There were so many more editing and enhancement features with the old one.  I've lost a lot of functionality. 


But please - fix this cursor problem. -Amy

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CTCT Employee

Re: New editing function is broken

Hello @OldefieldFarms,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community! I apologize that you are having this experience. I went into your account and I could not replicate the issue. Have you tried on a different computer to see if the issue still occurs? 


Also, thank you for your feedback. I will submit it to the correct department! 

Zoe H.
Community & Social Media Support

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Occasional Participant

Re: New editing function is broken

Hi Zoe - 


I do appreciate your response.  However, I must ask - "how many computers do you think normal people have?"  It happens that yes, I have tried it on another computer & yes - the problem persists.  However, the only reason I was able to test is that I have a laptop for work & a laptop for personal use.  However, they are exactly the same - a MacBook Pro. 


In passing this off to the correct department, is there a ticket or case # I can reference when I call your support team?