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Non-Stacking Images in Mobile

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Non-Stacking Images in Mobile

Is there a way to stop the Gen3 editor from stacking side x side images on top of each other in mobile view? In Gen2 I can simply place two images in a table. Gen3 Editor has no options for a table, nor the ability to edit the html or css.


There is no way on this earth I'm fully upgrading to Gen3 unless I can have this capability. Our emails are product / price driven and usually have 12-16 different products per email. Having them stack on top of each other would make for a ridiculously long email on mobile.


We have great success in our current format, and suggesting using fewer products is not an option.


Thanks in advance if you have an idea.

CTCT Employee

Re: Non-Stacking Images in Mobile

Hello @kmstools


At this time we do not have the ability to stop images from stacking on top of each other in the Third Generation Editor (3GE).  This is one of the primary functions of the editor, as this is the standard for mobile responsive email design.  If you are using a table in our Second Generation Editor to list product images side by side with information below it, a way to keep the information you want together, I might recommend using blocks to have a product image on the left, and the product information (i.e. text) on the right (see images below) .  This way when stacking the image will be right above the text about the product. 






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Re: Non-Stacking Images in Mobile

Hi Samantha,


I appreciate the feedback.


For now, we will be staying with the 2nd Generation Editor.  Designing in blocks using the 3rd Generation Editor would create an terribly long email on a mobile device. We usually have 12-16 products outside of our header and footer components. That creates 8 rows when the tiles are  side x side. In blocks that would be 12 to 16 rows.


If there ever comes a day that CC discontinues the 2nd Generation Editor, we'll cross that bridge then.


Thanks for your time.